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Resort hotels have an increased risk of pest infestations because there are several potential points of entry. The surrounding environment, food shipments and the guests themselves can all bring pests into the facilities. A solid integrated pest management strategy is important for keeping these pests from becoming a costly problem. Here are a few tips for controlling pests at hotel resorts:

Environmental control

The first step in preventing pests at a resort hotel is to consider how insects and rodents might enter the property from the surrounding environment. Pests might enter the building on their own if they are attracted to sources of food and water. But control actually begins with the surrounding property. Grass, shrubs and even parking lots should be kept free of weeds and standing water to prevent insects from living too close to the property. Standing water can become a breeding ground for mosquitos, so it should be drained immediately. Pennsylvania State University noted that all foundational cracks should be sealed and monitored for potential entry points.

The University of California recommended keeping up with proper weeding, fertilizing and watering habits to keep pest populations in check. Plant debris should be removed in a timely manner and native shrubs can be used to attract birds that can aid in natural pest management. If necessary, pesticides can be used around the building's foundation. Though it should be noted that pesticides can be harmful to guests of the hotel and should be treated with caution.

Food storage and preparation

Not only are pests attracted to spilled food, it's possible that some insects may be carried in on large shipments of ingredients. As such, kitchen staff should do their part by cleaning all food that comes into the facility. Similarly, all ingredients should be kept in a cooler until ready to use and the cooler should be cleaned regularly. Food that is past its expiration date must be removed as soon as possible.

Likewise, trash should be kept away from the building and should be removed regularly. All spills must be cleaned up as soon as possible. All rooms should be cleaned daily to prevent food from rotting and attracting more pests. Trash cans should be placed around the property to encourage guests to properly dispose of all food waste.

Bed bug control

Unfortunately, hotel guests can bring in their own pests without even realizing it. Bed bugs can be a costly problem for resorts and should be treated as a serious threat to business. Therefore, bedding should be cleaned every few days for long-term guests and cleaned after the guests check out. If caught in time, a bedbug infestation may be contained to a single room. Any mention of bed bugs should be treated seriously and promptly, lest it drive guests out of the hotel. If bed bugs are found on the property, a professional pest control agency should be called immediately.

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