Pest Prevention Programs

Abell offers a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program with a core focus on pest prevention, not just pest management.

While each business has different needs, a core focus on the prevention of: rats, mice, cockroaches, pavement ants and other common pests is the best way to ensure more expensive problems don't occur down the road.

Your Abell Team will:

  • Eliminate existing pests as quickly as possible
  • Deploy a program and equipment to ensure your facility remains pest free
  • Identify any issues that may encourage pest activity within your business. We'll also help you create internal programs to prevent pest problems long term, that will save you money
  1. The Coverage You Need
  2. The Name You Trust
  3. The People You Trust
  4. We'll also help you create internal programs to prevent pest problems long term, that will save you money


Your Custom Program

Our focus is on pest prevention.

Pest problems affect everyone, this includes both small and large businesses. They invade our space, contaminate the food we eat and spread disease.

Abell Pest Control understands pest prevention; it's what we do every day. Your custom pest management and prevention program will focus on:

  • Preventative regular pest monitoring by a professional
  • Fast and safe extermination where required
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Full documentation in writing and electronically
  • Abell's Quality Assurance program
  • Training products and support
Ask Abell
If you've had a close encounter with pests and need some answers, just ask Abell. We’re on it.


For larger multi-location businesses or franchisers, Abell's Key Accounts department provides you with great care and attention. You have a Key Account Manager to work through any pest issues or other concerns you may have anywhere in the country.

We will eliminate existing pests as quickly as possible. Our team will help identify structural issues that allow easy access for pests within your property. We will also identify any issues that may encourage pest activity within your business.

We’re pest prevention problem solvers, here to create internal programs to prevent and manage your pest problems long term. We’re here to save you money.

Call us for a free on-site inspection. We'll review your site and recommend a pest management solution to meet your needs.

The name you trust 


Since 1924, Abell Pest Control has pioneered the pest management industry from coast to coast. We know that leading food processors need complex preventative pest management programs, audits and reporting tools. We know that commercial kitchens and restaurants have constant pest pressures. We also know that having bed bugs is an awful experience.

Solving pest control and management issues is complicated and requires a high-level of expertise, innovative thinking and dedication. It also demands discussion and engagement with our customers—there’s no other way.

We're on it. Whether you operate a national, franchise business in the food services industry, a retail property or a warehouse facility, pest management makes a difference in our lives and our health—every day.

People you Trust 

Your technician is licensed and receives complete training at Abell University. Abell's own National Quality Assurance team provides on-going field training and account auditing to ensure the highest standards.

Every technician has also passed strict third-party testing and is a member of QualityPro. We are members of your local community and are ready to service your business 24/7.

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