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An effective, reliable pest control program is needed to control and reduce damage inflicted by pests during the shipping and storage of agricultural goods, food and feed production and processing.

Fumigation is Ideal for businesses in the agricultural industry including milling, grain, seed and food import/export. It is one of the most successful methods used to remove pests that have infested grain silos, containers, land or water shipping freights, warehouses, rail cars, transport trucks or trailers.

As a national company, our Technicians are equipped with the tools and technology to deliver fast and safe fumigation services, while keeping you compliant with health and safety legislation.

  1. Container Fumigation
  2. Grain Silo Fumigation
  3. Shipping Fumigation
  4. Mill & Food Plant Fumigation

Your Custom Program

Fumigation is the method of pest control that completely fills an area with fumigants to exterminate pests within an enclosed space. To be done effectively, the entire space is tented or sealed to keep the fumigant enclosed long enough and at sufficient concentrations to achieve a total elimination of pests at all life stages.

An effective, reliable pest control program is crucial in controlling and reducing the damage pests can inflict during shipping, storage, production and processing of agricultural goods.

With seasoned, professionally trained Technicians, we will assess your business needs and develop a tailored plan for your situation.

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Protect your precious cargo with Abell’s Container Fumigation services. Abell will treat the product or the container itself to eliminate the risk of pests or disease. Our fumigation pest management services are effective and reliable at all stages of the supply chain. Preventing cargo contamination is our top priority!


To exterminate grain pests and insects at all stages of their life cycle, it’s critical that farmers and growers comply with best practices when storing grain. With properly sealed storage silos of any size, fumigation treatments work more effectively and with substantially lower costs.

Eliminate pests in your grain silos with our Grain Silos Fumigation services. Ensure your investment is safe with our Pre-Storage Cleaning and Grain Silo Treatment service.

Grain Silo Fumigation reduces the risk of spoilage to grain quality, ensuring maximum returns. A pest-free certificate is issued at the end of treatment and Abell's grain silo fumigation service is an HACCP compliant program.

Food Plant

Mill and food plant fumigation is effective against a broad range of stored product that pests can damage and destroy, leading to lost profits. Protect your stored investment with Abell’s fumigation treatments.

We can provide pre-inspections and pre-shipment treatment of wooden packaging materials (crates, pallets). With our HACCP certified programs, we can also perform quarantined fumigation services.


Cargo holds must be inspected for cleanliness and pest activity prior to loading. Abell will treat ship cargo holds (whether full of product or empty) or only certain areas within the structure of the ship itself.

If anything is found, fumigation treatment may be required. The product going into the cargo hold may also be infected, which in turn infects the hold.

Abell’s fumigation services are performed either in the mid-sea or when the ship is anchored.

Whether you grow crops, or are in the business of storing them, transporting them, processing them or shipping them, don’t risk an infestation that could lead to a quarantine. Abell Pest Control will protect your precious cargo against rodent and pest infestation.

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