Abell Instant Reporting (AIR) For Multi-Location Businesses

Abell Instant Reporting (AIR) is an app that was designed with Abell’s customers in mind!

AIR allows you to easily ensure that any pest concerns that you may have are resolved quickly and efficiently, whether you have five business locations or 1,000!

Abell's AIR APP will help you identify areas of your business that require structural attention, sanitation management, pest prevention, exclusion services or employee training.

Pest control reporting tools help you track documentation, and issue management, technician productivity and cost efficiencies by geographic area or by the location within your facility.

AIR APP Features

AIR Instant Reporting

  • Receive instant Score Alert notifications for active pest-related concerns
  • Access corrective actions for detailed information on individual services, problem locations, trending reports and pest prevention training programs
  • Learn which of your locations have pest concerns from Need to Know Reports which include details with photographs
  • Receive improvement updates from Trending Reports

Be as informed as you like! Drill down to get the detailed information and history on any location!

Access state-of-the-art mobile-ready training materials on a variety of subjects that you can share with your team.

AIR Training Material

Many of our customers have asked us for pest prevention training for their staff. AIR includes hours of training videos and content on a wide variety of pest prevention subjects.

AIR Web Portal Additional Reporting Tools

Apart from the comprehensive list of reports on pest activity for single or multiple locations, AIR includes other useful features such as secure access and convenient user management that allows you to grant access to single users or a group of users in bulk. You just upload the list of contacts in the system from a file and it automatically gets updated, saving you time and effort.

If your Abell technician identifies a structural or sanitation concern that may promote pest issues during a service, your APP will receive a Corrective Actions Report including photographs. This report will stay open until it's resolved.

A comprehensive view of any current or past pest issues you have had in any of your locations.

If any concerns are identified, you'll receive an immediate alert to your AIR APP. Here you will find a complete easy-to-search history of any such alerts.

If you have multiple locations, this is the only report you need to get a snapshot of any active concerns that you may have.

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