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Pests can pose serious risks for farmers and greenhouse growers. Pest prevention and elimination requires a pest management partner with a wide variety of experience and service offerings. Abell Pest Control customizes pest management programs which are HACCP compliant and will meet and exceed the requirements of  all major 3rd party certifications such as NSF, AIB, Canada GAP, CFIA, Primus Lab, BRC, SQF, as well as Organic Certified programs.


Pests can pose serious risks for farmers and greenhouse growers as they are detrimental to crops. Grower's crops are subject to constant pressure from rodents, crop damaging insects and even flies. Pest management for cannabis growers is not new for Abell, but with the recent industry growth, pest management for marijuana growers is a becoming a hot topic with unique challenges.

We identify agricultural pest control priorities in partnership with the grower community, local government and scientific experts.

We also administer trials, collect data and conduct research into new and reduced-risk solutions for crop protection to help growers protect the quality and value of their crops.

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A Focus on Pest Prevention

Abell Pest Control customizes HACCP compliant programs that meet and exceed the requirements.

In addition, your pest control program is reviewed and signed off on by Abell's Quality Assurance auditors to ensure its right for you.

We can support and help ensure you are compliant with auditing standards required to meet the Safe Quality Food Initiative.

Abell's Pest Control Program for agricultural pest control includes:

  • Regularly scheduled preventative 24/7 pest control service
  • HACCP compliant programs
  • Electronic Site Management (ESM)
  • Detailed documentation stations and binders
  • Audit preparation
  • Organic or Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services
  • Fumigation services

Abell Pest Control is a recognized leader in organic control and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) with a nationally recognized technical program.

We provide proactive, innovative pest management strategies that prevent pests and can reduce the need for pesticides.

Abell’s agricultural pest control toolbox also contains a wide variety of organic, non-pesticide options to manage your pest control needs effectively.


Abell’s agricultural pest control solutions support thousands of farmers and greenhouse growers by providing solutions for prevention, management and treatment.

When you choose Abell, your crops will be protected against daily pest threats.

Through our innovative agricultural pest control solutions, we can ensure you are compliant with auditing standards required to meet the Safe Quality Foods Initiative.

Protection of your valuable crops by the people that know the North American agriculture industry—that's Abell Pest Control.

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