Large Fly Control

Large Flies Control

Flies are a serious health concern as they harbour bacteria and viruses that can be transferred to any surface they land or feed upon. Flies breed in filth and prefer decaying organic matter like manure, garbage dumpsters, and decaying vegetation. Common large flies include bottle flies, and house flies.

Large flies are highly mobile and quickly move from one bacteria-infested site to another. Flies can transfer pathogens like E. coli, fungi, and other harmful micro-organisms.

That’s where a professional pest management solution comes in. We can provide a custom large fly prevention and control program for your business.

  1. Commercial Fly Lights
  2. Exterior Treatment
  3. Indoor Spot Treatment
  4. Regulation Consultation

Your Custom Program

The Solution You Need

The Solution You Need Our approach targets large flies from the outside-in. We inspect the property and look at breeding sites, eliminating favourable areas to prevent entry indoors. Next, we look for entry points and find solutions to stop them from making their way inside your facility. For large flies that manage to make their way inside, we will develop a custom program using leading-edge technology, professional-grade tools, and equipment to reduce and exclude flies from your property.

Your trained Abell Team will:

  • Correctly identify the species of fly(s) in question
  • Determine where they're living and breeding
  • Eliminate existing fly populations as quickly as possible
  • Reduce existing fly populations that are immediately visible to customers
  • Use the right tools to break the cycle and prevent large flies from coming back

How to Prevent Large Fly Problems

The best way to protect your business from the health risks associated with large flies is to implement an integrated pest management program that includes sanitation and exclusion.

Good sanitation practices both inside and outside can reduce and eliminate fly problems in facilities. Large flies breed in garbage, trash bins, and overripe or rotting vegetables. By keeping the environment around your facility clean, you reduce the breeding sites around your facility and the potential for flies to come in.

  • Clean up food debris and keep floors clean of any debris
  • Do not let standing water accumulate and produce moisture.
  • Ensure dumpsters are cleaned and sanitized regularly


  • During deliveries, keep doors open for a minimum amount of time.
  • Keep doors closed as much as possible.

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Installing a Fly Light 

Discreet fly lights installed inside your facility offer a non-pesticide approach to reducing indoor populations.

Fly lights attract flying insects by shining ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light is invisible to humans but not to flies, who are extremely partial to it and tend to eagerly fly towards it.

Some fly lights are electrocuters and have electric grids that kill the fly instantly. Others have glue boards on which the fly is trapped, providing safe capture in food-sensitive areas.

The insect fly lights are maintained regularly by Abell's Technicians and provide a safe, effective way to control adult fly populations.

There are many kinds of fly lights. Your Abell Technician knows which fly light is right for your business. They will determine the location in your business that will provide maximum control and install it for you.

Our maintenance programs ensure your fly lights are always working. We check and clean them regularly, replacing glue boards as needed and light bulbs annually.

Call us for a quote and more information. We can review your facility and recommend a large fly program to meet your needs.

Exterior Treatment

Large flies normally breed outdoors before flying inside. Exterior treatment of flies is the most effective way to prevent them from coming inside. Your custom program includes treating:

  1. Dumpster, dumpster corral, and floor area
  2. Back doors, including ground areas
  3. Drive-thru window areas

Large Fly Indoor Treatment

Used to control large flies indoors, this lure contains a multi-species attractant to lure flies and catch them. - odour free, and safe for indoor use, it is especially effective at reducing existing fly problems.

Regular Consultation

Eliminating large flies requires a combined approach of removing existing populations, finding out how they’re getting into your building, and eliminating them at their source. Finding the root cause may require an expert set of eyes.

What will Abell do?

Your Abell technician will:

  1. Provide regular, visual inspections of the outside and inside of your facility or home by our trained professionals.
  2. Provide a science-based risk assessment approach to monitor and address large fly activity in and around your business or home.
  3. Document sanitation and structural issues conducive to fly activity around your property.
  4. Make recommendations on improving conditions to reduce fly activity.

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