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Welcome to Abell’s articles section, here you will find a myriad of useful information about common indoor and outdoor pests for both residential and commercial environments, preventative tips for avoiding infestations as well as practical do it yourself solutions for keeping them away from your home and business.

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How to keep birds away from playgrounds

Birds may be fun to look at, but they can also be nuisances. They're particularly annoying when they're around children, who might be frightened by birds' presence. Birds can also act aggressively if they feel threatened and may fly too close to a child. They may also poop on children, which can be dangerous as their feces carries a lot of bacteria. If your child has a backyard swing set, the last thing you want is a flock of birds taking it over. However, if you aren't careful they just might. Consider these tips to keep birds of your child's playground.

Integrated pest management relies on common sense more than chemicals

Using common sense instead of pesticides is the first course of action in integrated pest management, which has been adopted by a number of professional pest control services including Abell Pest Control.

How to protect your pet from pests

As we ascend into spring and summer, more people may begin to think about pest control habits. You may check your home for torn screens and cracks in the wall or get a new set of durable storage containers. However, aside from protecting yourself from pests, you also should think about your pets. In these warmer months, pets are often exposed to pests and may have to deal with them more than you. Consider these tips to protect your pets from pests this season.

How to keep birds away from your fruit trees

There's nothing better than picking fruit fresh from your backyard. However, when there's no fruit to pick or it's rotten on the ground, you get upset. Some of the main culprits behind this are birds. Consider these tips to keep your fruit protected from the beaks of hungry birds.

How to prevent wasps from building nests on your property

Wasps are one of spring and summer's meanest pests. Some species, such as yellow jackets, will gladly strike if they feel threatened and they may sting people more than once. They also can give people skin rashes and disturb curious pests. As a result, most homeowners don't want these aggressive wasps buzzing near their home. Consider these tips to prevent wasps from building nests on your property.

How to prevent wasps in your birdhouse

When you purchase a birdhouse, the intent is for birds to visit while you enjoy their beauty. The intent isn't to create a habitat for wasps. However, too often that's the case. Paper wasps are especially fond of taking over birdhouses. Naturally, birds are scared off by their presence and don't return for a while - if at all. Consider these tips to keep wasps out of your birdhouse.

In the news: Death by mouse

A recent article in the National Post put Hantavirus front and center. More specifically Deer Mice and their population explosion in the Prairie Provinces this year.

How to keep carpenter ants away from firewood

In the colder months of the year, fires become a necessity. They can help quickly warm up the house without raising the cost of your heating bill. However, sometimes pests like to hang out in these woodpiles and join the party. Once inside or simply closer to your home, carpenter ants can cause quite the problem. Consider these tips to keep carpenter ants away from your firewood.

How to prevent earwigs from ruining your garden

Earwigs are an enemy of anyone with a green thumb. Earwigs will happily crawl through gardens feeding on plants. Though they have their favorites, they don't discriminate what types of plants they feed on. Consider these pest management tips to prevent earwigs in your garden.

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