Clean Safe Disinfection Services

Viruses and bacteria are easily transmitted from surfaces that come into frequent contact by multiple people, also known as touch-points, and pose a health risk to you, your employees and your customers. As the global situation around COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, everyone's health and safety, including that of your employees and customers, is of uttermost importance.

Outbreaks of infectious diseases occur when harmful viruses and bacteria are transmitted rapidly from person to person; the spread can happen through direct or indirect contact. Direct contact includes person-to-person spread and saliva/droplets spread; indirect contact includes airborne transmission and touch-point surface contamination. Social distancing and frequent disinfection of touch-point surfaces are of crucial importance in limiting and preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

The first line of defense in preventing the spread and maintaining the health and safety of your staff and public is the implementation of strict disease-prevention protocols that must be followed. An ongoing cleaning and disinfecting procedure is a requirement for any disease-prevention protocol.


  1. Office Spaces
  2. Employee Lunch Rooms
  3. Store Fronts & Customer Congregation Areas
  4. Warehouses
  5. Food Processing Facilities
  6. Apartment and Condo Common Areas
  7. Childcare
  8. Healthcare
  9. Transportation
  10. Fleet Service


Your Custom Program

Abell's CleanSafe Disinfection Services program was specifically designed to provide an added level of protection for the most frequently touched surfaces. Based on the criteria for emerging pathogens, our products are eligible to make an associated claim against Coronavirus COVID-19 when certified disinfectant is applied to pre-cleaned, non-porous, inanimate, hard surfaces.

The most adequate frequency of the disinfection treatment for every area in your establishment will be determined during the initial assessment. You can rest assured knowing that your Abell team, outfitted in the proper PPE (personal protective equipment), has been specifically trained to do the job right. The service will be comprised of an optimal combination of treatments designed to disinfect common touch-points and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 as well as other harmful germs.

Abell’s professional disinfection services provides an added level of protection from harmful bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. It’s a compliment to an existing cleaning and sanitization regiment. When the service is completed, customers receive a dated Certificate of Disinfection to be attached to a wall. People can re-enter the serviced area after 10 minutes and resume their regular activities.

This service is not designed for settings with confirmed or presumed cases of COVID-19, nor does Abell make claims to completely eradicate the virus from a location. Abell’s insurance and Workers Compensation does not cover us to provide COVID-19 virus eradication services, so we will not perform them. In that instance, refer to guidelines provided by your local Health Department.

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Offices have a lot of common touch-points that can appear clean and therefore get neglected during routine cleaning; such seemingly clean, frequently touched surfaces include door handles, elevator buttons, office equipment such as computer keyboards, telephones and printers, lunch room counters and washrooms. A regular disinfection service will give your team peace of mind. The disinfection service can be scheduled during off-hours to ensure minimum disruption during the workday and maximum thoroughness and a peace of mind.

Lunch rooms are high traffic areas visited by nearly every employee at some point throughout the day, every day. A high concentration of people in a small area can turn a lighthearted water-cooler chat into an ideal breeding ground for dangerous germs. An ongoing CleanSafe Disinfection Service will prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria in people's favorite places to take a break – ensuring health and well-being of everyone; reducing the number of stay-at-home sick days for your staff.

Many store-front type businesses have a consistent stream of customers making their way through the same area, often turning it into a common meeting place for patrons to socialize. Ensure the safety of your staff and the public with regularly scheduled CleanSafe Disinfection Service. Abell's Certificate of Disinfection will be issued upon completion to help inform your customers that you are committed to keeping them safe and take extra steps to disinfect the space they love to visit.

Warehouses may seem like vast, empty and sterile spaces, but invisible dangerous microorganisms can be found on many frequently touched and rarely cleaned touch-points you might not think about. Some of the breeding grounds for germs in warehouses include doorknobs, handrails, inventory equipment, tow-motors and many others. Help keep your team safe and your business running smoothly with a regular disinfection treatment from Abell.

Food processing facilities as well as food & beverage establishments such as restaurants are full of areas with ideal germ breeding grounds with an added challenge! The extra challenge is the requirement that that products applied inside their walls must meet stringent requirements of food safety and be applied by people that are experts at servicing the food and beverage industry. Trust Abell – the industry leader in servicing food processing facilities as well as various establishments in food beverage industry! With CleanSafe Disinfection Services, you can count on us to disinfect your facilities to ensure your employees, customers and products are as safe as can be.

Apartment and condo buildings house many residents with access to common areas such as lounges, gyms and other spaces for them and their visitors to utilize. These spaces have many surfaces that may typically be omitted from a standard cleaning program. Take care of these areas properly by including a CleanSafe disinfection service to your routine.

Childcare establishments not only have many children present who spread germs very easily, but also family members and childcare professionals frequenting the place. Even a rigorous sanitization regime can miss many common touchpoints – our CleanSafe disinfection service can remove the threat of these facilities habouring these germs.

It is no secret that healthcare facilities welcome and care for new patients with various illnesses every day. Healthcare employees and patients should not have the added concern of contracting something due to circulating germs. Routine disinfection services in common areas that can be re-entered 10 minutes after the service would significantly aid the effort of removing that concern.

Transportation hubs such as bus stops, train stations or airports invite large numbers of people either travelling or simply conducting their daily life into these facilities. These types of spaces are extremely tough to maintain good hygiene and would substantially benefit from a thorough routine disinfection service to keep patrons and staff safe.

Vehicles can often be forgotten about when discussing surfaces/spaces that can harbour germs and viruses. This can include police cars, ambulances, transport trucks, public buses and airplanes. A Certificate of Disinfection would go a long way to maintaining thorough hygiene as well as providing peace of mind.

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