Written Notification and Communication

With Abell Pest Control's online communication and documentation platforms, we can provide written reports detailing any pest, structural or sanitation concerns that we’ve identified during our visit.

This value-added service allows you to keep on top of any issues and allows us to work in an ongoing partnership with you. If your business is audited by the Public Health Department or other inspectors, this documentation shows auditors that you have the best pest management available.

Your Abell Technician will:

  • Inspect and monitor key areas of your facilities to determine if pests are present
  • Determine the location of any infestations
  • Develop treatment strategies to deal with pests found
  • Perform any treatments deemed necessary
  • Assist the facility personnel by providing clear written information regarding sanitation and structural deficiencies noted during our service visits

Making It Work Together

Pest management for your business requires a co-operative partnership between your team and ours. To ensure that your pest control program obtains maximum results, it is important that Abell Pest Control have the co-operation of the facility personnel.

It is suggested that the facility management assigns sanitation and communications responsibilities to specific individuals, ensuring that proper sanitation is maintained and that structural corrections are completed.

Maintenance of proper sanitation can be assured by having a written cleaning schedule for all areas and equipment. Structural corrections should be made as promptly as possible and sanitation tasks should be assigned to specific individuals. This will help create an environment that is not prone to pest infestation.

With this goal in mind, your Technician will establish and maintain lines of communication with personnel in charge of specific areas. The contact person will be responsible for service preparation and correction of conditions outlined in Abell Pest Control Reports and Pest Sighting Memos.

Abell will help you identify any corrective measures required, beyond our services, to ensure your program is effective.

Mission & Vision

You would have to work here at Abell, or be a customer, to truly know how important your pest problems are to us. Solving them is complicated and demands a high-level of expertise, creative thinking and dedication. It also demands discussions and engagement with our customers; there’s no other way. It’s worth it to us, because pest management makes a difference in all of our lives and our health, every day.

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