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You would have to work here at Abell, or be a customer, to truly know how important your pest problems are to us. Solving them is complicated and demands a high-level of expertise, creative thinking and dedication. It also demands discussions and engagement with our customers; there’s no other way. It’s worth it to us, because pest management makes a difference in all our lives and our health, every day.

For larger multi-location business or franchisors

Our Key Accounts department is dedicated to providing you with great care and attention. You have a dedicated account manager to communicate any pest issues or other concerns you may have anywhere in the country. Key Account Managers build strong relationships through frequent communication and become very familiar with their clients’ specific needs, standard operations and policies. You can rely on Abell’s Key Account Managers for assistance rather than depending on multiple customer service representatives who are unfamiliar with the history of their account.

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Abell was founded in 1924 by Earl F. Abell in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At that time, Canada was undergoing a major change in the way many products, especially food, were being produced and distributed. This led to a growing demand from consumers and food processors for professional pest control services to protect food supplies, food manufacturing, and storage facilities.

Abell specialized in servicing this growing industry earning a reputation as Canada’s most reliable and professional pest control company. It is a tribute to Abell’s strength in this area that many of the industry’s leading multinational food manufacturers continue to rely on Abell today. Under the guidance of the founder’s son, Ralph Abell, the company continued to grow and diversify over the next three decades to become the largest Canadian-owned pest control services company specializing in the industrial, commercial, and residential markets.

After Ralph retired, his son John Abell, took over as President in 1983, to ensure the company's success and growth. Through diversifying operations and selective acquisition, Abell continues to provide a leadership role in the pest control industry. One of the greatest strengths at Abell, aside from our wealth of experience and service value, is knowing how we got here, and realizing why we enjoy success. It’s because of our dedicated staff, the Abell family, and a great group of people who have a passion to succeed and deliver value.

In a market traditionally dominated by large multinational service providers, Abell has achieved a unique position as a third-generation, family-owned business, able to temper our growth without losing the personal commitment to its customers and sense of caring that sets our company apart from corporately owned competitors. As we enter the next 100 years, Abell Pest Control is well-positioned to maintain its leadership role and provide our employees and customers with an excellent opportunity for personal growth and success.

Abell's Service Guarantee

Abell's Guarantee is simple - your contractual pest is gone and guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the services provided to you within the guarantee period, you will receive a full money back refund!

All Abell sanitation and structural recommendations must be complied with; and follow up services allowed for, during the guarantee period to be eligible for any refund.

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