Your Audits and Pest Control Program

You must pass your audits. But there’s so much involved. Providing proper documentation and showing due diligence can create a lot of work and stress.

Brand protection is a priority for ensuring client satisfaction, food safety compliance and continued profitability.

Pest control is a critical part of the audit process. Make it easy by supporting your business with the highest level of expertise.

Abell’s Electronic Site Management (ESM) program offers all the tools you need. During each visit, we will provide written and electronic reports detailing any pest, structural or sanitation concerns that we’ve identified. This allows you to keep on top of any issues and allows us to work in an on-going partnership with you.

If your facility is audited either internally or by HACCP, AIB, CFIA, SILLIKER, NSF or any other auditing body, trust Abell's Electronic Site Management (ESM) to ensure you receive top marks!

Features of your ABELL ESM Program

Site Maps

Custom maps of your facilities showing the locations and ID numbers of each pest control device. We use the descriptions you use for each area. These maps are available in your log book and available in your customer portal.

Electronic Hand-Held Service

At each service, the bar code inside each device is scanned and the data is uploaded for you to review online.

This includes:

  • Pest sightings for each scanned device
  • Sanitation concerns that are direct risks to food safety including photos
  • Structural concerns that allow pests to enter your facility including photos

Uploaded Reporting

With Abell's ESM program, you can instantly show auditors that all corrective actions have been taken in any situation.

ESM automatically documents any pest risk issues and the corrective actions that have been taken to resolve them, so you can rest assured that your pest control services are working at their highest levels.

ESM Training Material

Many of our customers have asked us for pest prevention training for their staff. Your Abell ESM Program includes hours of training videos and content on a wide variety of pest prevention subjects.

Ask Abell

If your Abell technician identifies a structural or sanitation concern that may promote pest issues during a service, you will instantly receive a notification in a Corrective Actions Report.

This comprehensive suite of reports provides history and trending reports to uncover any on-going concerns in your facility.

Custom maps of your facility showing the locations and ID numbers of each pest control device.

A comprehensive view of any current or past pest issues you have had in any of your locations.

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