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Wildlife Management

Wildlife Management

As urban sprawl replaces rural areas, squirrels, raccoons, bats and skunks have been forced to find new living quarters: in buildings, warehouses, facilities and homes. Wildlife will try to find entry into your property to have and raise their offspring. Although not normally considered dangerous, these wildlife pests can be vicious when approached by humans—especially when it comes to protecting their young.

Raccoons can find living quarters in attics, fireplaces, garages and wall voids. They are also common carriers of rabies, roundworms and leptospirosis. Skunks are very confident fighters and can be quite vicious if provoked or harmed. Typically found beneath porches, sheds and garages, skunks are common carriers of the rabies virus.

When it comes to wildlife management for your property; removing and controlling wildlife isn’t as simple as it might seem. Trust the professionals to effectively exclude any unwanted wildlife from your property.

  1. Structural and Sanitation Inspection
  2. Exclusion of Squirrels, Raccoons, Bats and Skunks
  3. Cleaning and Sanitation Services
  4. Humane Live Trapping

Your Custom Program

Structural and Sanitation Inspection

When it comes to wildlife management for your business, understanding how animals are getting into your property in the first place is the best place to start. At Abell Pest Control, we have a good understanding of wildlife behaviour and can help you prevent unforeseen problems.

Our team of technicians are experienced and knowledgeable. Once on site, we'll do a thorough walk-thru of your property to determine how wildlife might be accessing your facility, warehouse or building.

Chimneys should be capped. Holes in walls and roofs should be repaired. Doors into garages and sheds should be kept closed during the evenings.

Sanitation is also very important to prevent wildlife from infesting your property. Just covering a garbage can with a lid would pose no challenge to any wildlife looking for food. Only heavy plastic or metal garbage cans should be used. These cans should have lids that fasten tightly and are secure from capsizing. Also, keeping your property free from lumber, garbage and other debris will discourage the presence of wildlife on your property.

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After reviewing your property and identifying the species of wildlife infesting your property, your licensed and professionally-trained Abell Technician will recommend tools and tactics to discourage animals from nesting in your property. In most cases, your best option might be to use exclusion.

Exclusion is a highly recommended technique used for squirrels, raccoons, bats and skunks. Exclusion does not mean we harm the animals. Exclusion of wildlife simply means we get them outside of your property while preventing them from getting back in.

A humane and frequently used wildlife exclusion method is the one-way door. With this method, we get the animal outside, then lock it out! All without harming the animal or trapping them. In fact, neither you or any member of our staff, ever needs to touch the animal.

Once wildlife are no longer inhabiting your property, it's best to use a professional service for removal of attic waste, contaminated insulation or debris.

It is not recommended that you handle and clean raccoon droppings or animal feces yourself. Raccoon feces contains roundworm, which can cause infections, blindness and other symptoms.

Clean-up of attic waste, contaminated insulation or debris requires special, enzyme-based cleaners to eliminate any bio-hazard animal waste, droppings and urine.

It is important to protect yourself, your employees, your customers or your family from being exposed to the health risks and diseases that squirrels, raccoons, bats and skunks can bring.

Call us for a quote and for more information. We can review your property and recommend a wildlife management solution to meet your needs.

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