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Baby Squirrel Full Size

We had a client who was having some trouble with a family of squirrels and one of our Wildlife Technicians, Corey, went out to inspect. After inspecting the property and ensuring there were no babies on site, Corey subsequently set up a one-way door on their roof with access to the main entry point into the attic, where the squirrels were making their new home. The client contacted Corey to let him know that she had witnessed all the family members exit the one-way door except for one squirrel who did not want to leave the attic.

You probably already know that most people are repulsed by the simple sight of cockroaches. If you are personally dealing with a cockroach infestation, the feelings of disgust are probably even more intense. Unfortunately, the cold winter weather tends to be one of the reasons this pest ends up in your home in the first place, What is Any Pest. While you may know that you don't want to share your home with cockroaches this winter, there are a number of interesting facts about this pest that you've probably never heard.

Sometimes, it is tough for even adult squirrels to figure out how to exit, which is why we ensure the spring tension isn’t too strong so that they can exit out without any issues. When Corey revisited the property to ensure this tension was weakened enough, his new friend decided that was the time to exit the attic and out of the door into his hands. Corey then released him and watched him reunite with his family!

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