Sometimes, the job is hard. Other times, you get a volunteer assistant to scare your nuisance pigeons away!


One of our Wildlife Technicians, Corey, was curious as to why the usual pigeons were not showing up at one of his client’s property.

This client typically sees quite a bit of pigeon activity this time of year – but Corey had noticed they weren’t as present, especially on this occasion where there were none to be found. He then noticed a Cooper’s Hawk had been hanging around and flew into a small corridor on the property and couldn’t find its way out.

Hawks are a natural predator to pigeons, and he must have been assisting us by scaring them away. Corey was able to capture his new friend and then set him free from the corridor he was trapped in. He went from keeping the nuisance pigeons at bay for a client to saving a Cooper’s Hawk from entrapment. Never a dull day!

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