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Clothing moth prevention tips

Abell Pest Control Clothing moth prevention tips

Unfortunately, if you've ever dealt with clothing moths, you know the damage they can cause. According to the University of California Integrated Pest Management Program, the webbing clothes moth - the most commonly encountered species living in North America - feeds on wool clothing, carpeting, rugs, upholstered furniture, furs, woolen items such as brushes and more. The larvae are most likely using the cotton fibers found in these items to make their pupal cases, and they are more likely to cause damage to fabrics with remnants of perspiration, urine or food.

If you are currently experiencing a clothes moth problem in your home, don't worry - there are plenty of steps you can take to prevent the pests from causing further damage. Consider the following tips and tricks for keeping these pests out of your home for good:

  1. Be cautious
    If you frequently buy clothing or items from garage sales or second-hand stores, give them a careful inspection before bringing them inside. According to the Washington Toxics Coalition, a common source of moth infestations is old clothing or furniture. Consider cleaning these items thoroughly before bringing them in your home to prevent any pest problems in the near future.
  2. Keep your home clean
    If your home is messy, you're handing clothing moths an open invitation into your home. Clothing moths enjoy feeding off remnants of food, so as long as you keep your home tidy, they won't be attracted to your space. It is especially important to make sure you clothing and furniture is clean, but keep your whole home sanitized and clutter-free to maximize your prevention mechanism.
  3. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum
    By vacuuming your home frequently, you are removing the accumulation of dust, lint, dirt, and organic debris such as dead skin and hair. These leftover remnants often attract clothing moths, so by vacuuming them up, the pests will have nothing to feed off of. Show all areas of your home some love - this includes the carpeting, rugs, drapes, upholstered furniture and closet. Always complete the job - never let the dust settle under couches, chairs and other standing furniture. Just because your guests won't be able to see it, doesn't mean the clothing moths will overlook it.
  4. Pay attention to your laundry
    Spring has arrived, which means you're going to be packing up those winter sweaters and jackets soon enough. However, you shouldn't just assume they're good to go, according to Martha Stewart Living. Instead, consider washing or dry-cleaning your garments before packing them away. This will eliminate any moth remnants or eggs that may have accumulated over the winter.
  5. Consider a natural repellent
    Did you know that lavender works as a clothing moth repellent? According to the source, this is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Place bags of lavender in your drawers and hang them in you closet to ward off the clothing moths and protect your items. Not only will it keep the pests away, but it will also keep your garments smelling springtime fresh.
  6. Inspect your areas
    Pest Control Canada recommended making it a point to conduct a regular inspection of all areas of your home where the pests may be residing. Take all of your clothing items out of your closets and drawers and vacuum everything up. Then, make it a point to inspect the area after cleaning just in case something was left behind. Making time to do this just once a year can help prevent clothing moths from entering your home and ruining your personal items.

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