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Lawn maintenance and pest control

Abell Pest Control Lawn maintenance and pest control

At home, pest control and lawn maintenance can go hand in hand. When you take proper care of your lawn and landscaping, you'll likely see fewer instances of insect infestations. This is because your lawn will drain properly, thus limiting the amount of breeding ground for insects. It's also because you'll be paying more attention to the foliage around your home and will therefore spot problems before they get too big.

Mow frequently
Cutting your grass when it gets too long will not only make your home more attractive, but it can help to keep pest populations down. Insects such as ground wasps and slugs often take some time to set up a nest in your lawn, so if you mow frequently they'll probably go elsewhere. Likewise, mowing will eliminate flowering weeds that could further attract more insects to your property. This in turn will limit the amount of pesticides you need to use on your grass.

Buy nematodes
Spraying your yard with chemicals for pest removal isn't usually effective because the first rainshower will wash those chemicals away. That's not good for the local environment. Instead, consider a biological control method such as nematodes. Nematodes are microscopic worms that can devastate ant and grub populations without causing any damage to your yard. According to HGTV, you can purchase nematodes online and simply water them into your lawn. It's a safe and effective method of pest control.

Remove weeds from your garden
According to TruGreen, weeds like crabgrass were initially introduced to serve as feed for livestock. Unless you have a cow grazing in your front yard, you should remove these non-native plants as soon as they pop up. Otherwise, they can quickly become hosts for bothersome insects. Likewise, you should consider planting native flowers in your garden, which will attract birds and insects that are the natural predators of the insects you want eliminate.

Check your drainage system
Standing water can lead to higher populations of pests such as mosquitos. If your drainage system gets clogged up, it could create the perfect breeding ground for these annoying pests. Make sure rainwater gets directed away from your house and into the sewer system. Even if your drains have been working properly, give them a check after a storm and remove any fallen leaves or branches.

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