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Keep flies from interrupting your food processing business

Abell Pest Control

Kitchens in restaurants and homes are susceptible to pests because of the appeal of food and water. Commercial food and beverage processors are so much larger and, therefore, that much more attractive to pests. In order to properly control insects and other pest animals in a space that produces commercial food and beverages, people may need help from commercial pest management services.

One of the most problematic (and annoying) pests for food and beverage producers are flies. Flies don't just give off a dirty image and look bad. They can also carry bacteria, contaminate food and multiply quickly.

Take away attractants

The best way to deal with a fly problem is to stop it from happening in the first place. Although food producers can't hide the food from potential pests, they can deal with waste securely. Some species of flies are particularly attracted to garbage, which could lead to further infestations. Keep trash and garbage securely covered and far away from any food facilities. This goes for recycling too, which, although healthier for the environment, can attract pests too.

Address the problem head on

If you find yourself with a fly problem, your best bet is to call in the experts. They can help you figure out which species you have and how to best eliminate them. Pest control services can install units to prevent further infestations and delays in production.

One popular pest management technique is an ultraviolet light zapper. Invisible to humans, flies are attracted to the light and are eliminated. Although electric grids are good for some businesses, other light units use glue traps so that flies won't fall below to contaminate the floor or production line.

If the problem is coming from the plumbing rather than outdoors, pest control companies can help as well. Bio-foam remediation fills pipes to get rid of any fly infestations inside your plumbing, where they could be feeding on food scraps or the biomatter that coats the inside of the pipes.

If you have a fly problem at your food or beverage production plant that you can't seem to get rid of, consider using a commercial pest control agency to keep your business flowing and your food contaminant-free.

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