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Create a no fly zone around your restaurant

Abell Pest Control

You're just about to dig into a beautifully cooked lunch in an outdoor dining area of your favorite restaurant, and suddenly you and your friends have been joined by an intruder. It's clear that no one's happy about the interloper, who's buzzing around everyone's heads when it's not attempting to do a nosedive into their food.

Don't think that by moving inside the eatery you'd fare any better. When a fly swarms toward you, it could be a solitary traveler, but more than likely others will follow. Not only do they annoy a restaurant's customers, but they also carry diseases and spread germs.

If that causes people to stay away from particular restaurants, it's time for their proprietors to act. Calling a commercial pest control company like Abell Pest Control, especially when the flying insect population grows in warm weather, is how flies and other pests can be sent packing.

Experienced restaurant workers and pest control experts agree that careful sanitation and facility design will defeat far more pests than fly swatters do. But they need to act early in dealing with the problem before insects lay eggs and start breeding.

Pest removal strategies

Who would have thought that flies need a flying start to get to their destinations? One of the easiest ways for restaurants to block their flying pattern is to install two sets of doors at the entrances. With just a short space between the doors, flies don't have a clear flow of air to make their way into the building. If fans are aimed at the exterior door, the breeze creates a turnaround in the fly path because the breeze will flow outside when the door is open.

Those tactics may not work as well outside, but other moves will. When restaurants have outdoor seating areas, they must direct their staffs to whisk away plates as soon as diners finish and clean tables thoroughly between dining parties. Nearby trash receptacles should always have tight-fitting lids to minimize smells that attract the pests.

Inside maintenance requires the same kind of diligence. In addition to moving unnecessary food and trash to outside dumpsters quickly, sink drains and beer taps that draw flies need to be scrubbed frequently. Stacks of wet towels need to be removed promptly because they add to the moisture in the kitchen, which is another target of the pests. While a certain number of flies will also be attracted to places with food and beverages, sound maintenance can keep them to a minimum.

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