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Best natural remedies to keep pests off your boat

Abell Pest Control

Many pests love water, so it's no surprise they venture to boats to make themselves at home. However, no boat owner is happy with this. Pests, especially bugs, can be a real nuisance and even distract you from driving or operating the boat. Luckily, there are a few ways to keep pests off your boat. One of these methods is using basic, natural items you might have lying around your home. Consider these remedies to keep pests off your boat.

  1. Vinegar
    Got a problem with fruit flies? No worries, just pick up some apple cider vinegar, Sally in the Galley recommended. This trick is perfect if you're a fan of keeping fresh fruits and vegetables on the boat and don't want them bothered by these pesky pests. Simply pour some vinegar into a small bowl with a touch of dish soap. The bugs will be attracted to the scent of the apple cider vinegar and go inside the dish. However, the dish soap will weigh down their wings and slowly suffocate them. If you have a considerable fruit fly problem, disperse a few of these bowls around your boat.

  2. Bay Leaves
    This spice is great in sauces, but it also can keep out a slew of pests, from cockroaches to ants and stored product pests, The Yachting Gourmet stated. If you like to store dry foods such as flour, pasta and rice on your boat, throw a few bay leaves in each container. The leaves won't change the taste of the food, but they will repel any pests coming its way. If you don't want to put it inside the container, you can simply place the leaves near the container.

  3. Peppermint oil
    This aromatic oil is great to keep away any curious ants or spiders on your boat, both of which can make various activities less enjoyable. They also might try to invade any places you try to store food, such as your pantry. Simply wipe the oil around the pantry or directly on its edge. The oil's scent is powerful enough for any pest to detect from a good distance, so they'll be sure to stay away from your food.

  4. Cloves
    Using this spice on your boat is another good method to keeping pests away. Cloves are especially good at keeping away ants. Simply place a whole clove in areas that you have ant problems, such as your bathroom or kitchen. Keep the clove here for almost three months, then replace it. As an added bonus, cloves will give your boat a nice aroma.

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