Be proactive about searching for bed bugs in lodgings

Abell Pest Control Be proactive about searching for bed bugs in lodgings

Part of the reason why people end up with bed bugs in their homes has nothing to do with their housekeeping or how old their mattresses are. It probably has more to do with the constant traffic of individuals into a hotel or other lodging where they've stayed recently on vacation or for a business trip.

As international travel has expanded through the years, the chance of hotels, university dormitories and other institutional settings having an infestation of bed bugs has gone up considerably. Unfortunately, hotels often don't know there's a pest problem until guests report they've been bitten or seen the bugs. The best recourse at that point is to call a commercial pest control service like Abell Pest Control. By analyzing the scope of the pest presence, customizing a treatment plan and guiding hotel staff on how to avoid re-infestations, these experts offer the best method of pest removal.

Delay settling in

One way that you can arm yourself against sharing a room with bed bugs is to take action before you settle into your lodgings. While bed bugs aren't known for carrying disease or creating serious health problems for people, you may come away with a series of bites that are very itchy, can become infected and cause allergic reactions.

Before you unpack your suitcases, you should put them in a place far from the bed in a hotel room. Some experts recommend placing unopened bags in the bathtub away from carpets, drapes and upholstered furniture where bed bugs can thrive. Don't use a luggage rack until the room has been examined.

Take action

Now it's time to take out a few tools easily assembled from home to do your detective work - an old credit card, a flashlight and a magnifying glass. These small items can help you scour a hotel room, first by checking the bedding and mattress. The flashlight will put the focus on dark areas where the pests tend to lurk, like mattress seams. The magnifying glass will show you if small, young bed bugs are present, and you can use the credit card to move any bugs, droppings or tiny white eggs.

Don't stop at the bed. Bed bugs are as likely to be behind a nightstand, mirrors, paintings and anything else hung on walls. Check other fabric-based furnishings and the carpeting around the bed. If you find anything suspicious, call hotel management immediately to report your findings.

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