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Wildlife to watch out for this summer

Abell Pest Control

As summer hits its peak, tourists and locals alike love lounging outdoors to enjoy the warmer nights. They aren't the only ones: Wild animals will likely linger outdoors longer. Some pests, like raccoons, can rifle through your garbage looking for their next meal. Read on to learn about the different wildlife to be on the lookout for this summer:

Raccoons can be a menace for homeowners as well as building managers because they are constantly looking for food. However, another reason to keep these critters away is because they may carry rabies. According to the CBC, rabies is a virus that attacks the brain along with the central nervous system. It can take up to two months for symptoms, like fever and headache, to manifest. So if you suffer a raccoon bite, getting treatment immediately is essential.

As any gardener knows, possums can wreak havoc on your flowers or budding vegetable patch. In order to keep them away, you can use non-toxic sprays, like local gardener Pat Witham did. She combined two tablespoons of garlic with hot water and let it sit overnight. Once it was infused, she sprayed the garden and surrounding plants. The potent smell was enough to keep possums away, she noted. However, this deterrent requires upkeep. Gardeners will need to spray their crops after major rainfalls, as well as every few days, to maintain its effectiveness.

Skunks are another pest that can carry rabies. And who could forget the terrible smell of getting "skunked?" Jenna McFarland, who works with Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation, noted that skunks make camp in dark, quiet spots like underneath a deck or in a shed. Summer is also the time when baby skunks are likely to be born - so you may stumble upon several skunks hiding under your deck. How best to handle these pests? Try to keep your distance, McFarland suggested. If necessary, call in a pest management company - trying to handle it on your own could lead to you getting sprayed!

It can be easy for bats to enter a home through an open window - and because these creatures are nocturnal, you may not know they've taken up residence. To proactively keep them away, make sure to put up tightly sealed screens on all the windows as well as sealing any cracks in the attic, where bats like to make their home. While some bats eat mosquitos, they can also carry bacteria, making them dangerous to come into contact with.

Summer pests don't have to be stressful. Reach out to Abell Pest Control to learn more.

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