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Keeping pests out of apartments is a two-way street

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If you see a cockroach crawl across your apartment floor, your first inclination is probably to place an angry call to your landlord. But pest control is a two-way street. Sometimes tenants create conditions in their apartments that draw bugs, and soon they spread to other units. As long as landlords and property managers have a regular program of pest maintenance, they're doing their part to curb the problem.

Tenants have to hold up their end to prevent issues that entice cockroaches and other pests into their apartments. Often, the biggest problems revolve around garbage storage and disposal. In these instances, the tenants are the first line of defense because trash largely comes from individual units.

As part of their daily cleanup routine, tenants in multi-unit complexes should make sure that all food is put away in airtight containers or plastic bags every day. Keeping food out, including scraps left on dirty dishes in the sink, can draw insects. Any spills that leave residue are also fodder for their feeding habits.

It's not enough to put scraps into the disposal - it must be run each day so the garbage disposal can grind it up and send it down the drain. For apartment dwellers who don't have a garbage disposal, they'll need a container with a lid for easy disposal. If at all possible, wet garbage should be disposed in separate plastic bags or in a separate container. If garbage leaks into the trash receptacle, it should be wiped clean or it may draw roaches and other pests.

Landlord's responsibilities

If landlords cannot control the pest population themselves, they should leave the job to the professionals. Hiring a commercial pest control company like Abell Pest Control ensures a thorough inspection, treatment plan and advice on prevention for the future.

Correct maintenance by property managers goes a long way toward preventing a pest infestation in a multi-unit dwelling or recurrences. Trash receptacles should be kept a distance from the apartment building so that pests don't have easy access to the complex.

Both trash cans and recycling bins can accumulate debris and liquids that will draw bugs if they aren't cleaned out periodically. If residents are able to dispose of their trash daily, property managers should encourage this or inform them about keeping the trash in apartments within closed containers until trash removal takes place.

Keeping communication open between landlords and tenants is important so that both sides do their best to keep the premises clean.

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