Pervasive cockroaches, from warehouses to homes, can be halted

Abell Pest Control Pervasive cockroaches from warehouses to homes can be halted

Cockroaches are drawn to the most common conditions that attract bugs - food, debris and moisture. But as hard as it might be to believe when people happen upon them, they try to avoid detection. That's true whether they're on the premises of a nursing home, restaurant, residence or warehouse.

Wherever they are, people tend to recoil and for good reason. In addition to their connection to filth, cockroaches carry disease, including salmonella, and cause an allergic reaction in people who have asthma and related allergies. As distasteful as it is to see cockroaches in the vicinity of a restaurant or in your home, it's just as alarming when you consider that they're among the most widespread pests in nursing homes and medical facilities. In addition to food preparation, those facilities have numerous high-moisture areas.

In warehouses, there wouldn't appear to be as much risk for cockroaches because there's often no food service. But cockroaches can be easily sheltered in a large, open facility without detection for a long time. In a food distribution facility, inspecting incoming food crates before they're unloaded will help keep the cockroach population down.

Still, a major infestation could be in the making while the insects hide among stacks of boxes and storage bins. It's then that a professional pest control company like Abell Pest Control should be called to attack the problem with a pest removal plan. A widespread infestation requires a targeted, comprehensive approach that only a firm in this field can provide to a large commercial operation.

Examine conditions

Preventing the conditions that create a haven for cockroaches is the only way to prevent a recurring presence. Any business operation requires water, so removing moisture entirely isn't possible. But keeping food and garbage under control can be done with strict observance of waste disposed in containers that are tightly closed.

Trash and recycling bins should be kept in a well-lit area some distance from the warehouse or other commercial buildings to make entry difficult for the pests. Lighting up the area will uncover any cockroach hiding places.

To prevent entry of the insects, door sweeps and window seals should be in good condition. Leaks from water sources inside and outside the building should be plugged along with any cracks in the facility's foundation. Leaky pipes need to be fixed and entry points for cables, pipes or utility connections must be shored up to block access into buildings.

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