Clean food areas thoroughly to rid properties of cockroaches

Abell Pest Control Clean food areas thoroughly to rid properties of cockroaches

Whether they're found in homes, restaurants or food warehouses, cockroaches are one of the most vexing pests for homeowners, food preparers and vendors. But since much of what attracts them to homes and food-related businesses is food, that's where attention must be paid to get the roach population under control.

Keeping food preparation areas from drawing cockroaches comes down to storage and surfaces. If there are open food items in storage or left out in the open on preparation surfaces, these are the places where you can expect to find the bugs.

Store food items properly by placing them in insect-proof containers. A sealed lid may not be enough if there's another way for the insects to get to the food, so containers must be made of materials like thick plastic that cockroaches cannot eat their way through.

Surfaces should be cleared of food items and cleaned of any food residue like crumbs or juices from meat or fruits and vegetables that may draw the bugs to the spot, even if food is removed. Dishes that are left in a sink with food still on them are also likely to draw cockroaches, so they should at least be rinsed off if they can't be cleaned thoroughly right away.

Check trash areas

Outdoor trash areas, whether they're outside a home, restaurant or related sites, are likely to draw cockroaches if the trash and its receptacles aren't handled properly. Since most trash isn't hauled away more than once a week, it has to be stored somewhere. The only way to guard against a cockroach invasion is to store trash in a tightly sealed container that they can't penetrate.

Just as surfaces with food residue can draw bugs, so can trash cans. The bottom of a trash container should be rinsed out to get rid of liquids and other debris that may have leaked into the receptacle.

Don't store trash and recycling bins right next to a building. Having some distance between the two will make it less likely that roaches drawn to the trash storage area will enter the house or business because of easy proximity.

Moist environments are also a magnet for cockroaches. Check outdoor areas for leaking pipes or stagnant water where they may linger, and increase your efforts at pest management during warm weather when humidity will also draw cockroaches.

If your own preventive steps aren't enough, consider hiring a professional pest control company like Abell Pest Control to put your cockroach problems to rest.

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