Ways to keep mice out of your cabin

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It's always nice to have a getaway spot, and cabins are no exception. However, that paradise can quickly fade when you notice a few mice scurrying across the floor. Mice may seem cute, but they can cause significant problems such as chewing through wires and walls to make a nest. Consider these tips to keep prevent mice from entering your cabin this year.

How mice end up in cabins

Mice are animals that usually live in fields or woodlands. However, mice are also rodents that are fond of shelter, food and warmth. Cabins provide all three of these things, even in the off-season. When they're desperate, mice will wiggle through small cracks and crevices to get into your cabin, Cottage Tips noted. If you're home, they may be attracted to it by hot air coming out of ducts in your cabin or smells from cooking food. Regardless of how they get in your home, problems will ensue once mice have arrived. They reproduce quickly and are often difficult to get rid of. That's why preventative measures are your best bet.

Pest control tips

Seal up: Mice mainly get into homes through small holes or cracks in doors, windows and walls. That's why it's important for you to seal up your cabin to prevent them from coming in in the first place, Cottage Life stated. Consider caulking up the holes or using a material like steel wool that is difficult for mice to chew through. Remember that mice are able to get through even the smallest of holes, even those the size of a dime. Try to inspect your home for openings each summer and fall, before the winter season when mice will be more likely to look for a warm home.

Use mothballs: Clothing moths aren't the only pest repelled by mothballs. Mice don't like mothballs either. In the seasons that you aren't at the cabin, distribute mothballs around your home to keep mice out. You can place this item underneath your cabin, such as beneath a porch. You could also put mothballs in a stocking and hang them from posts around your cabin. Mothballs will leave a lingering scent that will keep mice and moths away.

Close the kitchen: When you aren't there, there will be very little food in your home. However, you may keep stored grains and other nonperishable products in pantries and cabinets. If mice smell food, they may come crawling and can create a big mess. Keep all food sealed in plastic or metal containers that can't be gnawed through.

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