How to keep cockroaches out of your storage unit

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Storage units can be a convenient place to stash your things while moving or traveling. Many people may believe their items are safe in these small garages, however, they may not be. Cockroaches have a way of getting into places they aren't welcome, and storage units are no exception. Follow these tips to avoid having your goods damaged by these pests.

Why cockroaches like storage units

Like a few other pests, cockroaches love food and water, the University of Kentucky noted. Small crumbs, sticky substances and water are cockroaches' paradise. If there's even a mild residue of food on furniture or clothing, your items are vulnerable to cockroaches. Since many people use storage units while they're away, these facilities aren't checked often, allowing a small problem to build into an infestation.

Pest control tips

Consider these tips to keep your storage unit cockroach-free.

  • Check for trash: Before moving your items into the storage unit, take a look around, Combat suggested. Since these units are used by many people, there may be residual food items or beverages left by them. Make sure the unit is clean of food, crumbs and other types of trash that may attract cockroaches. If the place is filthy, you may be able to get your money back from the company that you rented from.
  • Fix any cracks and crevices: You should also examine the unit for any small holes or openings that may welcome pests. Cockroaches are sneaky - they can wiggle through even the smallest of openings. If you notice these, fill them or cover them before moving your items in. You'll be grateful that they're blocked out. As with the trash, if the unit is significantly torn up, see if you will be refunded for it.
  • Look at the water systems: Go outside of your unit to determine where the water flow is. Does your unit have a gutter? Is it properly working to flow water away from the house? Poor water management can lead to floods, which will welcome cockroaches in. If the unit previously had water damage, use a dehumidifier to keep moisture out.
  • Clean your items: Before moving in, make sure all of your items are clean. Have all furniture steam cleaned or covered in plastic. Wipe down toasters, Tupperware and other kitchen items. Keep any items that are unable to be cleaned on a higher surface to prevent cockroaches from reaching them.

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