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Welcome to Abell’s articles section, here you will find a myriad of useful information about common indoor and outdoor pests for both residential and commercial environments, preventative tips for avoiding infestations as well as practical do it yourself solutions for keeping them away from your home and business.

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How to deal with fleas in your rental home

You're on vacation for a little while and all you want to do is relax. However, your dog can't stop itching and you begin to as well. What's going on? You may have fleas in your temporary residence. Consider these tips for how to deal with fleas.

Give carpenter ants fewer chances to invade your property

Any wood structures, whether they're part of a home or a business, can be at the mercy of carpenter ants. These insects could be considered the Incredible Hulk of the ant world - they can hollow out the toughest building supports and cause damage that no homeowners or business proprietors want to deal with.

How to deal with wasps in your apartment

Most people don't mind the occasional wasp if they notice it outside. However, the story quickly changes if the wasp is discovered inside, especially in a small apartment. Wasps can be aggressive, fast and unpredictable, scaring even the calmest of tenants. Though it seems unlikely, wasps have a tendency to populate apartment complexes, leaving tenants befuddled. Consider these tips to prevent wasps in your home.

Good storage and cleaning can help save clothes from moths

This is a time of year when you may be hauling clothes off to the dry cleaners and doing extra loads of laundry to make the transition from winter wear to warm-weather clothing. To make room for summer outfits, you're probably moving your cold-weather items to storage areas of your home.

How to ensure it is not YOU in the Media due to Public Health Inspection Closure

CLOSED DUE TO INADEQUATE PEST CONTROL! These words invoke fear, embarrassment, and guilt not just in the Food Service Industry, but also in the Pest Management provider. Restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and other businesses involved with food service are under constant scrutiny by Public Health Inspectors to ensure that their premises are well managed and free of pest infestation. Public Health Inspectors play an important role in making sure the public is protected from disease and food borne pathogens, something that rodents, birds and insects can readily spread. It is the responsibility of the Food Service Industry and Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) to work together in providing safe food premises thus ensuring pubic health.

Good yard work will help prevent a flea infestation

Don't blame your pets if your house gets fleas this summer. More than likely, they'll be among the unfortunate hosts for the pests and suffer enough before they're treated. But fleas can come inside your home on your clothes, on plants you bring in from the garden or anything else that will sustain them until they get to the carpets, furniture and countless fabrics that decorate your dwelling.

How to get rid of carpenter ants in your home

Carpenter ants are a mean pest. Many homeowners may be under the impression that these insects love to eat wood, but they would be wrong. The ants don't eat the wood, they just chew at it in order to burrow into the wood and create a shelter for themselves. Once a colony is created, ants will develop connecting tunnels throughout the wood and may begin to venture into any other untouched wood nearby. Consider these tips to keep carpenter ants out.

Keep hotel pests away with unfailing cleanliness

If there's one place you don't want to see insects or mice, it's where you eat and sleep. In a hotel, where you're likely to do both, you could be faced with a double whammy of pests if management doesn't maintain the standards it needs to keep away these unwelcome intruders.

How to get rid of flies in your rental home

Flies are filthy pests to have buzzing around your home. They like to feed on anything, meaning they carry those germs with them. They could bring in bacteria from another site right on to your clean counter. Regardless of whether it's your permanent residence or a rented space, no person appreciates having flies as pets. Consider these tips to eradicate flies from your home.

Understanding the only way to control bed bugs: Green Pest Management.

Bed bug infestation is on the rise in North America and is a growing concern. In Canada, reports on incidences of bed bug infestation come from coast to coast across the nation, from Victoria to PEI. Here, I argue that the best, and only way, to control bed bug outbreaks is by applying Green Pest Management (GPM) method.

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