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Hygiene Services

From odor control systems and hands-free skincare products to auto-clean and touch-free products, Abell Pest Control has everything you need to ensure a clean and fresh washroom for your business or commercial property.

Every employee or customer wants to have a clean washroom experience. With our sleek, unobtrusive range of hygiene-related products, you can provide a desirable environment for your customers and employees.

  1. Odor Management
  2. Soaps & Hand Sanitizers
  3. Urinal/Toilet Management

Your Custom Program

Abell’s complete line of personal hygiene and washroom care products can ensure customer and employee satisfaction .

These washroom care products will be installed by our Technician as a part of the service with no costly renovations.

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T/C Fresh Air Dispenser (Heavy Duty)

The Abell Fresh Air Dispenser is the World's First Continuous Odor Control System. It utilizes a patented fluid delivery system, delivering a precise dose of pure designer fragrance and odor neutralizer that remains constant for 60 days. Fragrances available include PURE, Citrus, Mandarin Orange, Fresh Linen, Cucumber Melon and Blue Splash.

Time Mist Air Sanitizer

New Classic Dispenser delivers improved aesthetics, performance and cost savings to your facility. This mist system has a wide variety of scents available and works well even in areas that have low air circulation. Simplified user interface allows for easy, flexible programming. The New Classic Dispenser's sleek design is available in all white.

Central Odor Control System

The Central Odor Control System can solve virtually any odor problem—even those inside a large garbage room or recycling area. This would be used to neutralize a major odor problem in a large area or to connect to your building's HVAC system and provide odor neutralization to your entire building.

Its volatiled counteracting essential oils neutralize odors—replacing them with a fresh clean scent. It can even be incorporated into a central HVAC system for invisible control through all areas of a building.

Hands-Free Auto Soap Dispenser

Touch-Free Foam Soap Dispenser uses concentrated formulas to provide a thick, dense foaming soap for your customers and employees. One refill is good for 2,700 washes—reduce waste and reduce your costs! It's the most reliable and long-lasting dispenser on the market!

Auto-Clean Unit for Urinals & Toilettes

Ensures urinal and toilet traps and bowls are always clean, odorless and spotless. Programmable dispensing with consistent metered output; this technology prevents build-up of calcium on pipes, scaling and provides round-the-clock drain maintenance. This doesn't just mask odors, it eliminates their source.

Auto Flush for Urinals

The Abell Auto Flush unit ensures your urinals and toilets are always flushed, odor-free and presentable. It's an inexpensive, heavy duty option that fits over your existing manual flush unit. The Abell Auto Flush eliminates cross-contamination from handle-touching and odors from unflushed fixtures.

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