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Chain Accounts

Our Key Account department is dedicated to providing you with great care and attention. You have a single contact person to communicate any pest issues or other concerns you may have anywhere in the country. Key Account Managers build strong relationships through frequent communications and become very familiar with their clients’ specific needs, standard operations and policies. You can rely on your Key Account Manager for assistance, rather than depending on multiple customer service representatives who are unfamiliar with the history of your account.

The Abell Difference

Your pest prevention needs are specific to your industry and facility. You may want a regular preventative pest control service, or just have a single pest issue you want rid of. Whatever the case, you're backed by a nation-wide team of trusted experts that can meet ANY pest-related need for your business, quickly and safely. Leading brands trust Abell to protect their business and their customers. Our services range from basic pest prevention programs; to intensive auditing services that include our cutting-edge reporting tools.

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