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If you’re a Property Manager, or manage a business with many tenants, having pest control you can count on is important. Abell’s Multi-Unit Reporting platform was designed just for people who manage apartment units, condo’s, office buildings, public housing or even plaza’s or strip malls.

Multi-Unit Reporting allows you to track pest concerns in any tenanted unit and ensure they are resolved quickly. Whether you have 5 locations or 1,000! Your reporting portal provides full documentation on pests found in any unit, what was done to eliminate them and confirmation the problem is solved. You can even manage and track P.O.’s and Work Orders right in the portal.

Multi-Unit Reporting

A Unit-by-Unit Approach

During a regular service, your Abell Pest Technician checks the common areas on the main floor of your building for pest concerns. It’s at that time we’ll discuss our findings and any reported pest concerns in your units with your manager on-site.

Abell records the number of floors in your building. If a pest inspection or service is provided in a unit, perhaps for cockroach, pharaoh ants or bed bugs, that unit is assigned a bar code. All work completed now or in the future will be associated with that barcode and unit.

When a unit is serviced by Abell, the barcode is scanned, and the data is uploaded to the MUR portal. This includes the pest identified, what was done to solve the problem, how long it took, even what P.O. # was associated to the work done.

Multi-Unit Resources for Tenants

Tenants who don’t prepare their suites for a pest control service can frustrate property managers, costing time and money. Abell provides Pest Preparation instructions in print and video format for your tenants to ensure their suites are ready on the agreed upon service date.

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From one page in your customer portal, access any work done on any location in any of your buildings. You can look at active pest issues or past pest issues, look at units that have repeat pest issues. Need a complete history of all work provide in a unit? It’s all right here.

If required, all you P.O or Work Order #’s are available with each service. This searchable feature ensures any references required are easily available. You can even pull the work ticket up to review what was done during that service.

Your warranty period for each service provided per unit. If there is any additional work required for a unit under warranty, this can save you money.

Where a tenant either refuses entry, is not available at an agreed upon time or is not prepared for a service, this can cost time and money. Abell’s MUR history provides details on these events for your review and documentation where required.

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