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Take steps to limit pest invasions on your patio

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There are plenty of pests that hatch in spring and invade your property by growing season. But while some insects can harm your garden and woody areas, others ratchet up the nuisance factor much more, especially when you're trying to enjoy a nice day or evening on your patio.

Ants, bees and yellow jackets, and mosquitoes are among the peskiest patio pestsduring summer. They aren't entirely risk-free, either. They can carry bacteria and disease, inflict painful bites and, in the case of stinging insects like yellow jackets, may cause a serious allergic reaction if you're stung.

If the influx of these insects has reached a point at which you can't comfortably walk outdoors on your patio or in your backyard, it's time to call in the experts. Having professional pest control services like Abell Pest Controltake care of the problem involves an analysis of your situation, a customized treatment plan to eradicate the pests and suggestions for pest management that will prevent future infestations.

Try anti-pest remedies

Some of these remedies will take a little time and effort, but they'll be worth it. For instance, virtually all pests are attracted to food - rodents as well as insects - so keep table food covered and the lid closed over the grill as much as possible.

Sweep up crumbs and wipe away spills that may attract bugs after mealtimes, and don't leave bagged trash outdoors until the next day. Place it in a garbage container with a tight-fitting lid.

Mosquitoes are also attracted to standing water, so sweep away water from low spots on your driveway, patio or other areas where puddles may develop. As prime bug-eaters, birds can be your allies, but if you keep a birdbath on your property, clean it regularly. Add a battery-powered attachment that will create swirling water to dissuade mosquitoes from hovering.

Avoid wearing perfumes, which attract mosquitoes, and light torches or citronella candles because the smoke will repel these pests.

Ants have a natural distaste for chalk, salt, talcum powder, baby powder and cinnamon, so sprinkling them in key spots on your property may keep them from invading your patio. Borax is more lethal - if you sprinkle it around ant hills and patio or deck perimeters, ants will eat it and dry up.

Bees aren't likely to attack you unless they're provoked or protecting their nest. However, yellow jacket wasps will sting multiple times at will and summon their buddies to do the same. Covering food, particularly protein-rich foods like meat, is very important to keep them away.

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