5 natural smells that pests cannot stand

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It's finally here - sweet, sweet summertime at last! But has your time outside already been rudely interrupted by swarms of pesky bugs trying to take a stab at you? This season, let's say no more to swatting, slapping or clapping at these insects who seem to be tormenting innocent outdoors enthusiasts every year. Fortunately, the solution isn't as chemical ridden as you might think. As it turns out, some of your favorite scents are insects least favorite.

Read on to learn what potpourri of smells you can use to your defense against unwanted insects this summer:

  1. Rosemary
    Rosemary, one of the sweetest herbs is on of the strongest natural forms of pest control, reported Bustle. It works wonderfully when you're grilling outside, and you don't even have to worry about getting it in your food because it'll only enhance the flavor. Keep some on hand near you as you're outside, or even crush some up and rub it on you. Now you're irresistible to everyone but the bugs, which is exactly what you want.
  2. Lavender
    Second up on the list is the lovely fresh scent of lavender. Humans love this smell - we've put it in everything from candles to laundry detergents. But insects? Not so much. You can continue to use those lavender scented products around the house to drive them away. However, LiveStrong wellness blog explained that you can use lavender oil as a repellent right on your skin. It's advised to mix it in with your regular lotion so your skin doesn't overreact, however. Additionally, you can plant some lavender into your garden this summer to ward away pests there as well.
  3. Basil
    This list isn't just good for keeping bugs away, it also appears to be perfect for freshening up your summer cooking as well! Nature Hacks found that basil gives off a zesty aroma to you, but a putrid one to mosquitos. Keep some basil plants in the kitchen to keep bugs away, but also rub some fresh crushed leaves on yourself before you go out. The source recommended either lemon basil or Peruvian basil as they are the most fragrant.
  4. Peppermint
    Not exactly seasonal, but always fresh - insects hate peppermint! Do It Yourself blog explained that you can spritz some peppermint oil, or rub crushed leaves directly on your body to stave off any bugs that want a bite. You can also place crushed mint leaves or peppermint tea bags around the house, particularly around where you find bugs to gather the most. This smell is most repugnant to ants, so if you need some serious ant control, turn to this scent first.
  5. Garlic
    OK, so garlic breath might be stinky to you too, but bugs really can't stand the smell of it. Bustle says you don't have to make any type of concoction with this natural repellent. Eating enough of it will do. This is because garlic, once ingested, will come back out through your sweat, creating a little barrier against insects like mosquitos. This way, you get flavorful food and a natural insect repellent. But hey, spare the rest of your friends and carry around a couple of peppermint breath mints.

At the end of a long, hot summer's day don't forget - if your insect problem is too much for you to handle, call up your local pest control service and have them help you take care of it so you can have a happy, bite-free summer.

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