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Don't let spiders scare away your restaurant's customers

Abell Pest Control

People may react with disgust at the sight of a cockroach and sweep away a tiny sand pile of ants without a second thought. But few pests strike fear in many people the way spiders do. Whether it's from some long-ago bad dream or just the thought of all those legs crawling up their arms, people often recoil and shudder when they see spiders.

It's bad enough when you see spiders outdoors on your own property, but when they wander from shrubs outside a restaurant to customers in the al fresco dining area - or make their way inside the eatery - then it's worse. It can ruin an evening of fun and later lead to nasty comments online at a restaurant review site. That tried-and-true communication form called word-of-mouth won't help a restaurant's business either if spiders disturb a customer's business lunch or night out.

If the onset of warm weather brings a wave of spiders your cafe's way, it's time to call a professional pest control service like Abell Pest Control that will come in and assess your situation, find where the pests have created nests and outline a prescribed treatment plan to end the problem. As part of the pest management, they'll also share their expert knowledge on steps you can take to avoid future infestations.

Food attracts spiders

While many spiders are harmless to humans, there are varieties that have venomous bites. Fortunately in businesses and homes, common house spiders are typically arachnids that don't hurt people. However, that doesn't mean their presence is wanted, even if they're considered beneficial when residing outdoors. There, they eat insects that are viewed as garden pests, and thereby keep a balance in nature.

Restaurants pose a special attraction to spiders. Like most pests, they're looking for nourishment and food spills or crumbs left about dining tables and preparation areas. For health and regulatory reasons, cleanliness in a restaurant kitchen is required to run an operation that won't make people sick. Outside the restaurant, especially in warm, humid summer weather, the possibility of bugs infiltrating the premises heightens the need to observe proper garbage storage and disposal.

Outfitting doors and windows with unbroken screening, vacuuming frequently, removing excess boxes and containers where spiders can hide and sealing any cracks or leaks that lead to high-moisture areas in the kitchen are other precautions that restaurant owners can take to prevent a spider population from taking root.

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