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Do not let up on pest prevention as seasons change

Abell Pest Control

Summer is the height of pest season when virtually all insects and rodents are out in abundance and ready to infest businesses, homes and gardens. For the diligent business manager or homeowner, pest management steps that are taken early enough in springtime, when many pests hatch, may be enough to minimize their impact on property and harm to humans and pets.

But if you haven't been dedicated to preventive measures on a steady basis, you may need the help of a professional pest control service like Abell Pest Control. That way you can be assured of a thorough pest inspection, customized treatment plan and follow-up advice to minimize the chance of a reoccurrence.

The cycle begins

An important part of pest prevention is being aware of the seasonal cycles when insects, rodents and nuisance birds are likely to build nests where their young will hatch, grow to adulthood and reach maturity.

Spring is the start of pest season because insects that have hibernated or sought refuge elsewhere over the winter are now scouting places to set up nests to hatch the next generation. Some, like carpenter ants and carpenter bees, are already burrowing into wood to create tunnels where they'll lay their eggs.

During this time, pests also begin the hunt for food sources. That may be outdoors in moist areas and trash cans or indoors wherever stored food and preparation areas may have food left out uncovered.

Changing seasons

In summer, pests are fully populated and continue to forage for food, re-establish nests and flourish in warm weather. With windows and doors often open during hot days and nights, they also find more opportunities to enter homes and businesses.

Fall is a particularly challenging time for property owners as weather starts to cool down and pests - especially rodents - try to extend their comfortable summertime existence by hunting for shelter that may get them through winter.

They're more likely to be found indoors at this point if steps aren't taken to seal all exterior openings and gaps in your structure and seal windows and doors to make pests' entry into your home or business as difficult as possible.

The winter months aren't just a time to uncover pests that may have gotten in earlier, found a secure footing indoors and now have to be rousted out. It's also when pests lay the groundwork for the inevitable new cycle of life that's just a few weeks off as spring begins again.

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