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5 natural pest repellents you may not know about

Abell Pest Control

There are some household products that can be used to help keep pests away, such as baking soda. However, there may be a few natural products that you don't know about. So if you're fretting because you've run out of baking soda or sugar, don't worry. Consider trying these natural remedies to keep a few common pests away.

  1. Cucumber slices
    Most people know a thing or two about cucumbers. This vegetable can be sprinkled with salt and pepper for a tasty snack, they can be pickled or placed in dishes such as salads and gazpacho. However, did you know that they can also be used to keep ants away? Cucumbers contain a compound known as trans-2-nonenal, which is actually toxic to the types of fungi that ants like to feed on, Golden Harvest Organics suggested. So, as soon as an ant spots a cucumber slice in the distance, they steer clear of it. Place the cucumber slices in areas such as wall cracks that you've seen ants walking through. The ants will see this veggie and head the other way.

  2. Citrus peels
    Like cucumber, citrus fruits are useful in a variety of dishes and drinks. However, don't throw the peels of these fruits away, Apartment Therapy advised. They actually can be used to keep moths and ants away. Like cucumbers, these peels also are toxic to the fungi that moths and ants are fond of. So place the peels in places that you know you've seen these two pests before, such as a window or door. The ants and moths will detect the scent of the peels and will flock in the other direction. Added bonus - your house will have a clean, refreshing scent.

  3. Garlic and pepper
    Garlic and pepper are two of the most common spices used in people's kitchens, as they can easily add a little enjoyable flavor to a dish. Luckily, they can easily be combined into a spray that can control a number of pests inside and outside of your house, Seasoned Homemaker noted. Essentially, you need to create a garlic and pepper concentrate that you can spray onto your problem areas. This effective solution even works on plants in gardens. Blend two bulbs of garlic with 2 hot peppers, such as jalapenos or habaneros. Fill the blender halfway with water and throw in the ingredients. Strain any chunks from the liquid so you only have fluid left. Place the substance in a spray bottle and spray away!

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