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4 ways to keep pests out of your pantry

Abell Pest Control

No one likes looking for a snack in their pantry and discovering a bug crawling out of it. However, certain pests, including cockroaches, beetles and moths, often end up in pantries. Once they've gotten cozy, these bugs are hard to get rid of. Consider these tips to keep pests out of your pantry.

Why pests end up in pantries

There are a few reasons that common pests may end up in your pantry. It may be a baffling sight at first, but it's a more common problem than you think. Pests can infiltrate houses if they have cracks and crevices that need to be caulked, or they may come home with you from the grocery store, Thrifty Fun stated. Cockroaches have the ability to hide behind a food container label, and moths can nibble their way into dry food products without ever being noticed. They also could be hidden in a grocery bag that came from an infested factory. Regardless, once the packaging is open, other bugs and rodents are eager to join the party. They can get into other dry food products that you have and leave a serious mess behind. These pests may also move to other areas of the home to make themselves feel welcome.

Pest control tips

  1. Inspect
    Before you bring food products home from the grocery store, inspect them for any signs of pest invasion, Beyond Pesticides advises. There are a few tell tale signs that will stop you from bringing unexpected visitors home. Small holes in packaging or webbing around the corners of a package are indicators that moths may be inside. If you notice a food product may be infested with bugs, reach out to the grocery store owner and notify him or her. That way, you won't be bringing home pests and neither will someone else. If you do come home with pests, place your bag in the freezer for a week. That will kill the pests so they don't spread to other areas of your home.

  2. Clean
    One of the easiest ways to welcome bugs into your home is to let your pantry get dirty. Small spills and open containers always attract unwanted visitors. So, as soon as food spills, clean it up. A clean pantry is a pest-free one.

  3. Keep it closed
    You should also make sure that food is placed in tightly sealed containers. If you don't have any at home, you can always pick up a few at the grocery store. Plastic or glass containers can't be penetrated by nosy pests.

  4. Use bay leaves
    You can also think about adding bay leaves to your containers, as the smell of this herb causes pests to run in the other direction.

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