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4 ways to keep ants outside your restaurant

Abell Pest Control

Restaurant managers are constantly on guard against hungry pests such as cockroaches, flies, rodents, meal worms and ants. Not only are these visitors unsanitary, but they're also unsightly. The appearance of any one of these pests can scare off diners sitting in a restaurant and even spook future customers. A food service business can struggle to recover from a reputation for hosting pests.

As the spring season begins, the task of defending a busy kitchen from curious pests can get even tougher, as nature awakens from its winter sleep. One of the most eager insect explorers is the common ant. Small enough to squeeze through any crack and always hungry, the ant can seem impossible to stop unless you follow some simple tips from retail kitchen professionals and commercial pest control experts.

  1. The first step for stopping unwanted ants is to exercise excellent garbage storage and daily disposal. Without this practice, crumbs and chunks of food in quiet corners of the kitchen will become the perfect food source for pests. Even a leaky water line can look like a drinking fountain to a thirsty ant.
  2. A second simple step is to close exterior doors after using them. Whatever the weather is outside, pests see an open door as an invitation to sample your cooking, settle in and raise a family. From restaurant guests to maintenance staff, everyone should be encouraged to close the door after himself.
  3. The outside of the building can be as important a barrier as open doors and unswept interiors, according to pest management experts. Make an annual plan to caulk gaps and cracks in the masonry, and make sure that wooden parts of the building aren't in contact with the soil. This practice is particularly important for handling one of the hardest variables to control - your neighbors. If the building next door has sloppy pest prevention practices, some of their new visitors will eventually sample your business too.
  4. If you've followed these first few steps and ants are still entering without a reservation, it's time to fight back. Folk remedies span a wide range, such as sprinkling cinnamon, pepper, vinegar or talcum powder around the column of marching ants. But serious challenges call for professional pest inspection, so don't be shy to ask for advice from experts such as Abell Pest Control.

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