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For some, the garage is a primarily a storage unit. If your household is one that keeps its vehicles parked in the driveway, you may have considered clearing out the garage or at least organizing it so that you can better locate your things. Another good reason to do so it because a cluttered garage makes it easier for pests to hide. In the summer months, pests might invade the space looking for some shade. During winter, rodents may take shelter from the cold. Perhaps worst of all, a swarm of bees or wasps could decide that an open wall is the perfect spot to build a nest. For these reasons alone, you should consider cleaning out your garage and inspecting it for pest damage. Read on to learn how:

Declutter first

Before you can check for rodents and other pests, you'll need to clear the space out. Chances are you have some things in your garage that you no longer use or need. As you empty the garage, split your possessions into three piles, those you wish to keep, those you can donate and those bound for the trash.

With that done, it's time to focus on organization. HGTV highly recommended using vertical space to store items. Consider adding some shelving along the walls. Keep your chemicals, paint and other liquids on shelves and out of the reach of children.

Practice rodent exclusion

After you've made space in your garage and gotten the clutter off the floor, it's time to control the pests. If you've noticed mouse droppings in your garage, you need to find where they're getting in. As Clemson University pointed out, mice can get through any opening higher or wider than a quarter of an inch. That means you might have to get down on your hands and knees to check along the walls. Seal up any gaps you find, then lay out sticky traps. You'll know you've solved the problem when your traps stay empty. If the problem keeps occurring, it may be time to call a professional pest control company.

Other pests, such as insects, can be excluded by spraying pesticides along the outside foundation of the garage. Be careful when doing so, and follow the directions on the chemicals exactly. Soon enough, you'll have pest-free garage!

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