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Restaurants are under constant pressures from rodents, cockroaches, flies and other pests. Even if you keep your kitchen spotless at all times, pests can breed in areas of your restaurant that are nearly impossible to identify to the untrained eye. For pest control services for restaurants and food establishments, count on Abell Pest Control, the brand trusted by thousands of restaurant owners and managers.


Whether you operate an upscale eatery, a popular fast-food spot or a casual downtown café, the restaurant business is hard enough without pests and flies interrupting your guests' dining experience.

Even with a spotless, well-kept commercial kitchen, pest control services for restaurants can be complicated and will need expert attention and solutions.

Commercial kitchens and other food prep areas provide ideal food and water sources for pests to feed, breed and thrive. Pests can start breeding in areas that are nearly impossible to identify to the untrained eye.

Cockroaches are concealed under appliances and rodents hide in walls. Ants run under garbage areas and flies hover around drains. Beer lines and taps are also prone to fly infestations, while small flies love the organic slime and waste build-up in sink drains.

In order to ensure that safe food is being served, food establishment operators must comply with the regulations and meet requirements made by city health officials. However restaurant staff often don't know how to prevent pest infestations in the kitchen.

For pest control services for restaurants and food establishments, count on Abell Pest Control, the brand trusted by thousands of restaurant owners and managers each month to protect their customers and their businesses.

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A Focus on Pest Prevention

Commercial and industrial kitchens are under constant pressure to maintain a pest-free environment. It's critical to have a preventative pest management program in place.

Abell Pest Control offers comprehensive services for restaurants including:

  • 24/7 pest control prevention programs designed specifically for your restaurant
  • Fly management programs based on your specific needs
  • Detailed documentation stations and binders
  • Hands-free washroom care programs
  • National Brand chain management for restaurant chains

With Abell Instant Reporting (AIR), you can choose to be notified immediately of any concern in any one of your locations. That’s accountable pest control, instantly!

In addition, our free training program will educate your kitchen staff about proactive cleaning methods for industrial and restaurant kitchens, ensuring that your kitchen remains clean and pest-free.

Learn more about Abell's Clean Safe Kitchen Staff Training program.


Pest control services for restaurants and food establishments can be complicated enough. When you choose Abell Pest Control, you choose a brand leader with proven pest prevention and management solutions.

Allow your chefs and kitchen staff to focus on creating a wonderful dining experience for your guests. No pests ensures a "pass" on your health and safety inspections, positive reviews online, more social media likes and shares, and patrons and foodies coming back for more.

Trust Abell Pest Control to provide prevention and pest management solutions for your establishment. We service thousands of restaurants each week.

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