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Bird Pest Control

Pest Birds often find refuge and invade commercial facilities. Pest Birds like pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and seagulls can make a home on either the inside or outside of your building if the conditions are ideal, and they can gain access. Once they have infiltrated your property and started nesting, they can become a liability, a nuisance, and a health and safety hazard for your employees, customers, and merchandise.



Where do Bird Problems Occur?


 Where bird problems occur



  1. Bird Exclusion
  2. Cleaning and Sanitation
  3. Geese Hazing
  4. Falconry
  5. Live Trapping
  6. Egg Collecting
  7. OvoControl
  8. Optical Gel
  9. Birdwire®
  10. Dura-Spike® - Bird Spikes
  11. Feather Friendly®
  12. Removing Birds from Buildings

Your Custom Program

Abell has the expertise, products, and solutions to help you with bird infestation problems. Our experts will assess your site, determine the bird species found, and provide a written quote to solve your bird infestation problem. Abell will provide a custom program with an effective and well-documented solution to your bird problems. We even do the cleanup!

Focus is placed on:

  • Bird-proofing your property so existing populations can no longer gain entry
  • Ensuring birds can humanely exit your home or building but cannot re-enter
  • Making your home or business unattractive to birds
  • Cleaning and Sanitation

Bird Exclusion

Bird Exclusion uses physical deterrents to make a building or property undesirable and impossible for birds to live on or around. Deterrents pose no threat to the birds or flocks of birds and are used to encourage the birds to move on to another nesting site. The method is long-lasting and will work year after year.

Planning a bird exclusion requires your pest control provider to determine the bird species causing the problem and identify roosting and landing sites. Sites can include building roofs, HVAC systems, bridges, underground parking lots, street lights, loading docks, or building signs.

Next, a decision is made about the exclusion product(s) best suited to get the job done. They may include physical barriers like netting, Bird Wire, Bird-Flite Spikes, Bird Coil, Gridwire, StealthNet, and Bird-Shock Flex-Track to make an area undesirable.

Before installation, we remove existing nesting material and feces and then sanitize the area.

Call us for a free quote to keep your building bird-free, beautiful, and clean.


The cleaning, removal, and sanitization of hazardous bird droppings and bird nests are critical for the health and safety of employees, customers, and tenants. It reduces health hazards, prevents building and paint erosion, and creates a safe work environment. Proper disinfection and sanitation can also reduce the likelihood of birds returning and re-infesting the area.

All Abell technicians are trained in the removal of bird droppings, and cleaning and disinfecting contaminated areas. We remove all visible debris, dirt, soil, feces, and other organic matter left behind by birds on properties safely and efficiently, using several methods such as power washing buildings and cleaning out HVAC units.

Call us for a free cleaning and sanitation quote.

Geese Hazing

Geese hazing uses trained dogs or other deterrents such as lasers or sound deterrents to relocate Canadian geese. Abell Pest Control utilizes dogs for this. After a period of regular interruption, noise, annoyance, and perceived threats, the geese will finally choose to relocate. Geese hazing is often used for large park areas, golf courses, airports, and other urban areas and poses no physical threat to the birds.

Call us to learn more about our geese hazing program.


Falconry takes advantage of the natural relationship between bird predators and their prey. Falconry raptors are trained to scare and chase pest birds away. This process requires repeat visits before the nesting birds deem the area unsafe and move to another location.

Call us to learn more about our falconry program.

Live trapping captures pigeons and sparrows. The method is humane and captures and removes the birds. Once the birds are removed, Abell will clean and disinfect the entire area. Traps are checked regularly and stocked with food and water to ensure birds are treated humanely.

Call us to learn more about our live trapping program.

Egg Collection

With the collection of eggs, we create an atmosphere where birds are motivated to move away from your site to a less disruptive location. They become unwilling to return to your property for another breeding season. A local permit is required for this service.

Call us to learn more about our egg collection and nest removal programs.

Ovo Control

New - OvoControl® is a specially formulated bait that interferes with the hatchability of eggs from pigeons. It is an effective and humane solution to solving a chronic pigeon problem by interrupting the constant breeding and repopulation of the flock. Before an OvoControl® bait is added, our technicians monitor the area to ensure that protected species like the Peregrine Falcon, are not feeding on the seeds. Over time, pigeon populations in buildings will gradually decrease. This is an excellent option where Bird Exclusion is not feasible or practical.

Call us to learn if OvoControl is the right solution for your pigeon problem.


Optica Gel

Optical Gel is a multi-sensory bird repellent that deters birds from using sight, smell, and touch. These small pucks placed strategically deter birds completely away from the area for up to 2 years. Optica Gel pucks are a truly revolutionary part of bird management. Many areas that used to require more expensive and noticeable exclusion methods can now get effective bird exclusion that is less visible from the ground.

Call us to learn more about Optical Gel.

A spring-tensioned post and wire system designed to create an unstable landing area that discourages pest birds from landing. Bird wire is a bird control solution that is widely used throughout us because it is very low-profile and has minimal visual impact. It carries GSA approval for historic buildings. Where to Use: Long, exposed ledges, parapets, signs, beams, and pipes.

Dura Spikes are 100% stainless steel and a very cost-effective pest bird deterrent. Stainless steel bird spikes stop birds from landing and roosting and are a very effective and humane method of bird control that can prevent pest bird infestation. The base can be cut easily with snips or shears. Stainless steel bird deterrent spikes are more durable than plastic bird spikes. Where to Use: Ledges, parapets caps, roof peaks, chimneys.

Feather Friendly

Approximately 1 billion birds are lost annually in North America due to glass collisions.

As more glass buildings are being constructed, we are seeing an increase in bird strikes into glass buildings. A common question we receive from business owners is Do you have anything that can prevent bird strikes? And the answer is YES!

Abell has partnered with Feather Friendly® to provide our clients with environmentally safe solutions for preventing bird collisions on commercial buildings. The markers are highly effective in making glass visible to birds and preventing deadly collisions, without compromising a building’s aesthetics or views inside and out. Applying standardized markers/patterns to the outside surface of the glass will break up the reflection, interrupting the illusionary effect.

Why This Works: The bird no longer perceives the space as an open and safe fly zone. It can now distinguish there is a barrier to the flight path.


Bird Removal

Birds can access and live indoors in large buildings, warehouses, garden centers, factories, and retail centers. Once they’re in, they begin to nest and settle in, while making their removal very difficult. This is especially a problem in buildings where large doors open often. Abell has a variety of strategies to capture and remove birds from your building. The approach will vary depending on the bird’s species and the building’s layout.

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