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Enjoying the great outdoors starts with a beautiful lawn. It’s the first thing you see when you come home. A healthy lawn also cools and cleans the air, filtering pollutants out of groundwater. Why not make it the best it can be!

Lawns in Florida have the extra pressure of extreme temperature, over or under watering, soil diseases promoted by high humidity and a number of different turf-destroying insects that thrive in this environment.

Weeds like dandelions, plantain, yellow woodsorrel and spurge will naturally grow in bare patches. Grasses like crabgrass and quack grass will also fill in these spaces and are very tough to get rid of.

Requirements for your lawn care may depend on your grass mixture, which may include Bermuda, St. Augustine, Centipede or Bahia grass. Each have slightly different needs.

Your turf requires regular attention from experts that know how to work with you to make it beautiful and green. With proper mowing and watering, your Abell Lawn Care program will make your lawn lush and green. We’ll handle fertilization, weed control and insect control all applied at the right times, in the right amounts. Leave it to the experts.

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Your Custom Program

We'll start by meeting you and reviewing your lawns needs. We'll provide specific maintenance tips on mowing and watering for your turf and soil type. Then we'll custom tailor a lawn maintenance program for you that includes regular fertilization, insect control, problem grass and disease control as required.

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As nutrients are depleted from your soil, replacing them with fertilizer is essential. But regular fertilizers may last only 4 weeks and don't promote deep, healthy root growth. That's why Abell uses BioGreen soil amending fertilizers. These organic compounds provide a complete package of macro nutrient and micronutrients that live in the soil and last much longer than traditional fertilizers.

Weeds will take root year round in your turf. They squeeze out the grass and start to spread. Abell offers you a complete weed management package for all your large and small leafed weed problems. Once under control, our regular maintenance will ensure they don't return. For problem grasses like crabgrass and quack grass, we'll work together get rid of them for good.

Depending on the time of season, your lawn can be damaged by variety of turf damaging pests in Florida. In the hottest month, chinch bug damage can quickly appear, leaving your lawn brown and dead looking. White grubs are the larva of the scarab beetle. These live 1 to 8" beneath your soil and feed on the roots of your lawn. In cooler damp weather, this might go unnoticed, until you learn you can pull your lawn back like a carpet because it has no roots. Abell's lawn care program will protect your lawn against these and other turf damaging insects common in Florida.

Brown Patch, caused by Rhizoctonia fungus, causes large circular patches in your soil. Grey leaf spot caused by Magnaporthe oryzae is a destructive disease especially in St. Augustine grass, Rye grass and Tall Fescue. These and other common turf damaging diseases can be managed if you have expert advice. It required just the right balance of nitrogen in your soil, proper maintenance tips and possibly the use of fungicides. Trust your Abell expert to help prevent or eliminate soil diseases in your turf.

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