Food and Beverage Processors

From coast to coast, Abell Pest Control services thousands of food and beverage processors each week. Use a Quality Pro certified partner for your pest prevention, audit program and food safety solutions.


Pest control is an essential part of good manufacturing practices for food and beverage processors. Your facility is under constant pressure from pests who seek to establish themselves near a food source.

Our pest management services for food and beverage processors can help prevent loss of business, product recalls, negative publicity and fear from staff and customers.

Government legislation has very specific and demanding pest management requirements for your facility. We can make your audits easy by supporting your business with the highest level of expertise. With our pre-audit programs, your Abell team will ensure that you get a great score on your next audit.

From assessing structural and sanitation deficiencies to providing licensed Technicians and innovative solutions, Abell Pest Control offers a complete line of pest control services for food and beverage processors.

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A Focus on Pest Prevention

When it comes to pest control for food and beverage processors, count on Abell Pest Control, the brand trusted by thousands of industry leaders from coast to coast!

Abell offers a complete line of prevention and pest management solutions including:

  • Regular 24/7 Pest control service with Abell's Organic or Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs
  • Support for all auditing programs including AIB, NSF, Sillicer, ASI or CFIA. Your compliance to pest management requirements of these programs are signed off on by Abell's Quality Assurance Team
  • Detailed reporting is available in both binders and using Abells' industry leading Electronic Site Management (ESM) programs
  • Quality Pro and Quality Pro Food Certified support

You can have instant access to any information either online or from your documentation station. Your pest control plan is reviewed and signed off on by Abell’s Quality Assurance auditors to ensure it’s right for your business.

In addition, our Electronic Site Management (ESM) includes custom maps of your facilities showing the locations of each pest control device, hand held technology and detailed web-based reporting.

Your ESM program automatically documents any pest risk issue and the corrective actions that have been taken to resolve them. Instantly show auditors that all corrective actions were taken in any situation.



Leading brands in the food and beverage industry trust Abell to protect their businesses and their customers.

From our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to our cutting-edge, hand-held Electronic Site Management (ESM) system, Abell Pest Control can design a tailored service specific to your needs.

By choosing Abell for your pest management needs, you'll be using a Quality Pro certified partner for pest prevention, audits and food safety.

We're experts at early pest prevention, early detection and treatment solutions so you can focus on running your business.

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