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Training Saves you Money on Pest Management

Whether you have 1 employee or 1,000, having them understand what causes pest infestations can save you money.  

The pest pressures and training needs of every industry are different.  Abell has developed a wide range of training products to meet your needs.

Abell trainers understand the day-to-day challenges of your operation and will train your staff on how to successfully implement training disciplines in their daily processes.

  1. CleanSAFE Kitchen Training
  2. Pest Prevention Walk-Through
  3. Bed Bug Safe - Staff Training
  4. Basic Pest Management for the Food Industry
  5. Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Residential Property Manager

Abell can provide custom live or virtual training specifically engineered for your company. This might include Good Manufacturing Practices, Food Safety and HACCP Internal Audit preparation, Pest Specific Training or even Pest Management License Training.

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Customer Training Resources
Free Customer Training Resources
These are available to Abell Customers at no additional cost.

Restaurants, hotels & resorts, long-term care facilities and medical centres are under constant pressures from rodents, cockroaches, flies and other pests infesting their kitchens and food prep areas.

The CleanSAFE Kitchen Training program is designed to help both management and front-line staff understand the key areas where sanitation or structural issues can cause pest activity. Having your staff follow this program will help to reduce the chances of having pest issues.

Training topics include:

Managing a CleanSAFE Kitchen.

  1. Identifying hot spots
  2. Organizing the team
  3. Maintaining a Cleaning Plan
  4. Assigning the tasks

CleanSAFE Procedures

Detailed instructions for staff on specific cleaning procedures like cleaning drains, taking out garbage and cleaning beer-tap lines.

Pest problems often start with either sanitation issues, which provide pests with food, water and breeding sites. Or structural issues that may allow pests an easy access to your business and safe places to live while they’re there.

This video will show you how you can inspect your restaurant or kitchen for sanitation or structural issues that may promote pest problems. This will also provide you with the tools to discourage pests from even attempting to invade your facility. At the end of this presentation we will supply a handy checklist for you to use in your future pest inspections -- it’s called the Pest Prevention Walk-Through.

This Staff Training program is designed for many different industry professionals including property managers, Public Health Inspectors, hotels & resort employees and those who work in long-term care.

Bed Bug Safe – Staff Training program is meant to provide all the tools required to educate your staff on bed bug safety, prevention and control. This program covers how to identify bed bugs early and how to handle them if found.

Training topics include:

  1. The damage of bed bugs
  2. Staff training, inspections and monitoring
  3. Dealing with complaints
  4. Documentation
  5. Control programs
  6. Preparation and inspections

Pest control is an essential part of good manufacturing practices for those in the food industry. Your facility is under constant pressure from pests who seek to establish themselves near a food source.

Educating our clients on best practices is a top priority for us. It’s just as important as your Technician’s service.

Training topics include:

  1. What auditors are looking for
  2. What makes a good IPM program
  3. Corrective Action Management
  4. Pest Trending
  5. Documentation

For more information about this program, please contact us at:

When issues of pest control and management occur, tenants expect Property Managers to deal with any incident related to unwanted bugs, insects or rodents immediately!

As a Residential Property Manager learn how to reduce your expenses and problems associated with your tenants’ pest control.

Training topics include:

  1. Your rights and responsibilities concerning pest control and your tenants
  2. How to save on your pest control program for your properties
  3. How to reduce the risk of bed bug infestations

For more information about this program, please contact us at:

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