Tree and Shrub Care

Florida is a beautiful place to live and enjoy your outdoor garden, trees and shrubs. The hot humid weather is great for many native plants. But many of the trees & ornamental shrubs in your garden may not be native to Florida. They can easily be damaged by improper or irregular fertilization, native Florida insects or even fungus. You need an expert to ensure your shrubs and ornamentals have a strong, healthy root system and are protected against pests and disease.

  1. Tree & Shrub Fertilization
  2. Pest Control for Shrubs & Ornamentals
  3. White Fly Control for Ficus Trees
  4. Fungicide Applications


Your Custom Program

Every property in southern Florida has a different mix of shrubs, trees and ornamentals. We'll start with meeting you on your property and reviewing your landscape needs. Next you'll receive a custom tree and shrub program that meets your needs and your budget.

Ask Abell

If you have questions about the health of your trees & shrubs, just ask Abell. We're on it.

The foundation of your healthy garden is proper fertilization. Done correctly, this feeds the roots so they grow deep and strong, while creating the proper PH balance in the soil.

As nutrients are depleted from your soil, replacing them with fertilizer is essential. That's why Abell uses BioGreen soil amending fertilizers. These organic compounds provide a complete package of macro nutrient and micro nutrients that live in the soil and last much longer than traditional fertilizers.

Different plants and trees are subject to different types of pests and the damage they cause. Florida has many insects that will damage your trees and shrubs like scale insects, caterpillars, weevils, aphids and even fall webworm. We understand what pests commonly damage what kinds of plants before any damage is caused, so your Abell team is a step ahead in protecting your landscape.

Ficus hedges and trees are very popular in Florida. As non-native plant, they are literally under attack by fig white flies that defoliate them. White flies suck the juices from the ficus, leaving them wilting, yellowing and can even kill the tree.

These insects are as recent to Florida as 2007 and have since devastated ficus trees and bushes from Miama/Dade County and north to Broward County.

Taking care of your ficus is a two step approach. First Abell will deal with any adult white flies in your tree. The next step is to provide root drenches, soaking the root ball so that the control product is absorbed right from the roots, protecting the whole plant top to bottom.

Disease and fungus can take advantage of your plants, especially with Florida's humid weather. The key to protecting your plants is Abell's monthly preventative inspections. If a fungus or disease is found, a targeted program of treatment and pruning will take care of it.

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