Bed Bug Management

Preventing and Controlling Bed Bugs

The bed bug population in North America has exploded in many urban cities they’ve become a public health hazard. Health concerns include skin infections and allergic reactions from insect bites, as well as the stress and anxiety of dealing with extreme infestations.

Bed bugs nest in bedrooms. They can also breed and thrive in business units, offices, even lounge chairs and couches found in lobbies and waiting areas. A single bed bug introduced and left unchecked can multiply into over 1,000 bed bugs in as little as two months.

Bed bug infestations have traumatic emotional impacts on their victims and their families and can only be eliminated by a highly trained pest professional.

  1. Bed Bug Extermination
  2. Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs
  3. K-9 Bed Bug Detection
  4. Preventative Inspections
  5. Aprehend Bed Bug Prevention
  6. Staff Training


Your Custom Program

Whether it's through our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions or chemical-free heat treatments, we can eliminate bed bugs as quickly as possible with minimal inconvenience.

Your Abell Technician has the detailed knowledge of their travel patterns and life cycles, along with state-of-the-art equipment required for a successful extermination. When it comes to bed bug prevention and control, we’re on it.

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If bed bugs are found, they can be exterminated quickly and effectively. But there are no shortcuts. Your Technician has the detailed knowledge of their travel patterns and life cycles, along with the state-of-the-art equipment that is required for a successful extermination.

Here's what sets Abell's services apart:

Initial extermination service

  1. Back-pack hepa filter vacuums for bed bugs are used to eliminate the bulk of the bed bug population.
  2. Steaming units are used that are engineered to kill bed bugs at all life cycle stages on contact, including unhatched eggs. The steam penetrates fabrics and even kills eggs that are hatched inside pillows and beneath mattress fabrics.
  3. Diatomaceous earth is a natural powder-like substance that, to a small insect, is like crawling across broken glass. It's applied to wall voids and areas like electrical sockets to ensure there is nowhere for distressed bed bugs to hide.

Bed bug proof box spring encasements

  1. Bed bugs hiding in box springs are a common reason a bed bug extermination may fail. Your box springs will be protected in bed bug proof encasements to ensure protection. This is a $50 value that we include for free. There are no shortcuts here.
  2. Climb-up protectors are installed underneath the legs of your bed to provide on-going elimination and monitoring of bed bugs.

Follow-up service

Your technician will return for a follow-up service to ensure no bed bugs have survived the initial service. This inspection is strategically timed to break the life cycle of any remaining bed bugs. This second service is a part of your program that we'll book automatically and is INCLUDED as a part of your service. Like we said, there are no shortcuts.

Heat Treament 

Bed bugs have nowhere to hide with a heat treatment. Pest control using high temperatures has proven to be one of the best ways to exterminate 100% of bed bugs in a single visit.

A heat treatment can destroy the entire population of insects by simply creating an atmosphere where it’s hard for the bugs to survive.

With Abell Pest Control's Heat Treatment program, furniture and fabric are unharmed while bed bugs are provided a lethal dose of heat.

With the ability to exclude pests at all stages of their life cycle, Abell's Heat Treatment is 100% environmentally safe and eliminates unnecessary pesticide exposure.

Features and Benefits of Abell's Heat Treatment:

  1. Control is typically achieved in one visit
  2. Ideal for areas where traditional "cleaning and preparation" is a problem
  3. Ideal for advanced bed bug infestations
  4. Allows for treating multiple units at the same time
  5. Can be used as an environmentally-friendly, green approach

Unlike chemical treatments, heat treatments do not emit harmful fumes or toxins. Heat treatments are safe to humans, pets and are an environmentally-friendly option to excluding a bed bug infestation from your commercial property.

A heat treatment process is also faster and won't cause an extra-long downtime for your business. Bed bug control is typically achieved in one visit. Employees or customers can be back on site within hours of a heat treatment.

K9 Inspection 

Certified bed bug detecting work-dogs can locate infestations within 95% accuracy.

  1. Ideal for large spaces such as retail stores, office towers, theaters or public places
  2. Fast, cost-effective identification if bed bugs are present
  3. Dogs are efficient at finding live bed bugs at low infestation levels
  4. Helps to verify bed bugs are not present ensuring control success

Preventative Inspection 

Identify bed bug problems before they spread for a fraction of the cost of treating an advanced bed bug infestation. Have a professional inspect a portion of your rooms each month.


NEW Aprehend Bed Bug Prevention

Aprehend bed bug prevention program uses natural Beauveria bassiana fungal spores to safely kill bed bugs on arrival, preventing them from breeding. This offers three-month protection from the establishment of bed bug infestations, guaranteed! This prevention service is perfect for hotels, motels, long-term care homes, or rooms where you’re having re-infestation problems.

Staff Training 

Learning to identify bed bugs during every day activities, such as cleaning a room or talking with a tenant or customer is the best possible method of preventing larger infestations.

When your staff can identify the earliest signs of infestation, your company will be able to effectively, pro-actively and quickly respond.

As part of our commitment to you, Abell Pest Control provides free in-house staff training as well as online training. Training your staff to identify bed bugs, prevent their spread and ensure quick control is a low-cost way to catch bed bug problems before they spread.

To access this training visit us at

Call us for a quote and for more information. We can review your facility and recommend a bed bug prevention and management solution to meet your needs.

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