Small Fly Program

Small Fly Program

Flies are a nuisance, but they can also be a serious menace to your business. Flies carry disease-carrying organisms and can pose a threat to public health. They breed in bacteria-laden environments such as slimy drains, then transport those potentially dangerous micro-organisms right to your skin or food.

Most kitchen staff have had to live with the nuisance of small flies and often don’t know how to get rid of them. Abell's Small Fly Program is a smart and effective way to reduce the risks and limit the hazards caused by small flies.

Your program includes an effective solution to your fly problems by:

  • Reducing your existing fly population that’s visible to customers and poses an immediate health threat
  • Eliminating organic build-up and the existing fly population in drains and other hard-to-reach areas using Bioremediation Foaming
  • Combining traditional cleaning methods with state-of-the-art products focused on eliminating breeding sites for small flies
  1. Fly Control in Drains

  2. Drain Scrubbing

  3. Foaming “Hot” Spots

  4. Fruit Fly Traps

  5. ProBac Dispenser

  6. Regular Consultation

Your Custom Program

Abell uses the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to eliminate the fly's food source and breeding areas, thereby reducing these pests all together. Our preventative program specifically targets areas where small flies live and breed.

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Fly Control In Drain 

Flies that infest drains are one of the most common pest problems in restaurants, hospitals and buildings. Phorid flies and drain flies will breed in the thin layers of material that accumulate in the drains and traps of sinks.

Drain flies also feed and breed in the organic debris that coats the floors and hard-to-clean areas. Household bleach and other chemicals rarely work as a pest control solution. Starting with proper identification, a drain management program will eliminate small flies at their source.

Your Abell technician will inject your drains with a pressurized foaming agent containing living microbes that will reduce organic build-up and eliminate the existing fly population inside. They literally turn build-up into water as it clears itself from your drains and washes away the breeding grounds for flies.

Drain Scrubbing 

The best way to get floor drains clean fast. The brushes used have tough polypropylene bristles to scrub away tough organic waste where flies live and breed.

Foaming Hot Spots 

Some surfaces are prone to food waste build-up and are in hard-to reach places. Abell can help by applying Bioremediative Foam with living microbes that eat and eliminate the organic build-up where flies may breed (NOTE: this does not replace regular cleaning of these areas).

Fruit Fly Traps 

Modern fly traps placed in strategic areas use a food-grade lure solution proven to attract and destroy fruit flies. They can be placed discreetly in areas prone to small fly problems.


The ProBac is a time-release dispenser that continuously releases enzymes into drain lines to provide a build-up free drain all month long. It turns fats, oils and grease into water and carbon dioxide to reduce pump-outs, closed drains and odors.

Regular Consultation 

Eliminating small flies requires an effective approach to cleaning areas such as soda dispensers and garbage cans. Finding the root cause of a problem may require an expert set of eyes. Your Abell Technician will provide instructions on preventative maintenance to make sure small flies don't make a home in your business.

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