Best tips to save your food from ants and other pests

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With the promise of summer also comes the promise of bugs. Homeowners have to stay vigilant, lest they find ants - or worse - rifling through their food.

Grandparents Magazine suggested that homeowners increase their pest proofing efforts, especially if they see one or two ants in their home. These are typically "scout" ants that are looking for food and water - and they may bring many more ants with them if they find a food source. The publication suggested cleaning up any messes which could attract these pests, including stray crumbs in the kitchen or spilled dry goods in the pantry.

The next step is to tightly seal any foods in your cabinets. Since ants love sweet foods, place fruits in the refrigerator, which will slow the ripening process - and give you a chance to eat it before ants do! Don't overlook your trash: It has banana peels, egg shells and leftovers from dinner - all of which ants may love. Take out the trash regularly and use a can that has a tight seal on it. This prevents ants from finding a food source. Yahoo noted that dry dog or cat food is an attractive food source as well. House ants love greasy foods, reported The Standard Times, making these the perfect snack.

In addition to removing food sources, owners should remove standing water inside and outside their homes. That means keeping your sink empty of dirty dishes, Grandparents Magazine advised. You should also check plants in your home that may have standing water: It can be the perfect place for ants to make a home.

Take preventative measures and wipe down your counters and cabinets with white vinegar. It removes any ant trails as well as keeping these pests away, as they hate the smell. However, the pungent odor of vinegar affects homeowners too! There are other do-it-yourself methods you can use. Salt is an effective deterrent. This basic condiment creates a barricade that ants refuse to cross, AOL noted. You can use leftover coffee grounds with lemon juice, as ants hate the smell.

You may also need to turn your attention to the grass right outside your home. AOL suggested spraying the area of your lawn party with a solution of water and peppermint oil to keep the ground free of ants. With these tips, you can keep your home ant-free and enjoy the warm weather!

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