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5 natural ways to get rid of ants

Abell Pest Control 5 natural ways to get rid of ants

Spring is an excellent time to enjoy the sunshine and warmth out on the patio, but the warm weather isn't only attracting you - it's likely to bring in an invasion of ants, too. And unfortunately, if you leave them a trail to accompany you back into your home, they're probably going to follow. Does your pest problem require ant control but you don't want to use chemicals and pesticides? Have no fear - there are plenty of natural strategies you can try to eliminate the pest invasion in your space for good.

Consider these five natural control methods for eliminating your ant problem:

  1. Vinegar
    According to Everyday Roots, ants use their pheromones as chemical signals to communicate with each other and create trails to lead them to one another. Ants use their antennae to determine the direction in which scents are located. If an ant finds food, it leaves a trail back to its colony so that it can lead all of them back to the food source. By busting out the vinegar, you can disrupt the scent trails the ants have left to get back into your house! All you need to do is mix 1 part white vinegar with 1 part water and wipe down all of the ants' entrances.
  2. Chalk
    You may not have noticed before, but ants tend to stay away from chalk drawings on the side walk. Why? Because a line of chalk is another disrupter of the scent trail, according to Mercury News. This is an excellent short term strategy for keeping the ants away, because the source said it is not a permanent mechanism - it will only detour ants temporarily. Consider using chalk until you can use a different method to keep the ants out of your home.
  3. Peppermint oil
    This is a strong substance that can help deter the ant's from following the trail they left behind in your home, or from entering your space in the first place, according to Care2. Clean your kitchen surfaces and areas of entry really well, then dampen a cloth with water and apply a few drops of essential peppermint oil. Wipe down the areas and your space will be ant free, because these pests have been known to hate the smell of peppermint. Not only will your home smell minty fresh, but you'll be keeping the ants out in an environmentally friendly way!
  4. Honey
    You're probably thinking this seems like a strange idea, since ants and most other pests are attracted to sweet scents. But if you put honey in a container that you can move to the exterior of your home, you've got an environmentally friendly ant diversion. Everyday Roots said all you need is a plastic container or small bowl and a few tablespoons of honey to create it. Place the honey bowl outside a few feet away from your house so that the ants notice it before heading inside. Once they have figured out what's inside, start moving the honey bowl further and further away from the house so the idea of invading your space escapes them!
  5. Cucumber and citrus peels
    Did you know that cucumber and citrus peels are toxic to the kind of fungi that ants feed on? According to Care2, that's the case, so using these as a pest repellent will work in your favor. Simply place the peels in the way of the ant's entrances and other areas of pest activity and say goodbye to the uninvited guests for good!

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