Rodenticides Regulatory and Operational Changes


VANCOUVER, BC January 13, 2023 – As of January 21st, 2023, the province of British Columbia will move forward with permanent regulatory changes to prohibit the widespread sale and use of second-generation rodenticides (SGARs), with limited exemptions.

The mandate will remove and limit the use of products from the market that pose a risk to people, pets, and wildlife, an effort fully supported by Abell Pest Control.

Abell will continue to provide customers with the most effective rodent management programs utilizing the latest Integrated Pest Management principles already incorporated into our programs.

To comply with these new legislative laws, changes to our customer’s programs may be necessary. Service representatives will reach out to customers to discuss alternative measures and the best strategy for their homes or businesses.

Rodents pose a significant health risk and carry more than 200 human pathogens, and rodent droppings are proven to be asthma triggers in people.

The restrictions implemented for the use of rodenticides by the government of British Columbia will prohibit the use and purchase of SGARs only to:

  • Certified structural or agricultural pesticide applicators
  • Licensed pest control companies hired by an essential service or agricultural operation
  • Agricultural operations

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