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Bah Humbug Practical Tips to Keep Pests Away for the Holidays!


TORONTO, ON December 1, 2020 – With holiday decorating in full swing, Abell Pest Control wants to remind homeowners to inspect Christmas decorations for signs of any pest activity before they start decorating this season. Greenery like wreaths and garlands can harbor insects, while boxes of stored decorations from your shed or garage can become infested with rodents and other pests.

“The holidays mean more this year than ever, and decorating is a special time and the kick-off festivities for families,” said John Abell, President, Abell Pest Control. “Taking a few minutes ahead of time to ensure everything is free of pests can save you the stress of dealing with the problems associated with these unwanted guests.”

How to keep pests away this holiday season:

  • Inspect Storage Boxes: Cardboard boxes are the perfect place for pests like mice to shelter during the off-holiday season. Before you start to unpack, look for possible signs of an infestation like droppings or chewing of boxes and damaged decorations.
  • Shake Fresh Greenery: Before you hang or bring in a freshly cut Christmas tree or wreath, give it a firm shake! They can be harbouring cockroaches, carpenter ants, and spiders.
  • Examine light strings to ensure they have not been gnawed – rodents love to chew on wires.
  • Store baked goods and sweets in sealed containers and clean-up any crumbs on counters, tables, and floors.
  • Inspect luggage carefully for bed bugs when kids come home from school during the holidays. Bed bugs can be easily transported on personal belongings and can reproduce and spread quickly throughout the home.
  • Keep firewood raised off the ground and as far away from your home as possible. Make sure you clean it off before bringing it in.
  • Look at the base of the trunk to ensure it is not hollow when buying a Fresh Cut Christmas Tree. Carpenter ant nests can live in these trees, lying dormant in the cold weather. When brought indoors, the nest inside the tree warms up, and the ants become active and can start crawling around your house.
  • Store holiday décor in tightly sealed plastic containers at the end of the season to keep pests out and ornaments safe for generations to come.

Abell Pest Control is a North American leader in pest control, hygiene, and disinfection services offering businesses and homeowners effective, safe and dependable services since 1924.

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